Can you tell the reseller from the authentic wholesaler?

Wholesale sources that are authentic can help you build your business rapidly.

These wholesale sources will have wholesale products that your customers will want, at prices that will allow you to make a profit.

After all, you can have the nicest wholesale merchandise but if the price is too high your customers will not buy it.

On the other hand, the lowest priced merchandise will not sell if the quality is very cheap.

To build your business your customers need to know that you can offer them high quality merchandise at below the going prices for it.

So if you are selling socks, and the current retail rate is $12 a dozen, you would want to sell the socks for below that price to attract customer attention.

But for this to work you would need to have high quality socks that are comparable to the ones being sold for $12 a dozen.

You can achieve this by dealing with authentic wholesale sources.

How do you make sure that a wholesale source is authentic?

For starters, make sure that the wholesale prices are not above the going wholesale rate.

If you see a wholesaler that is charging above the going wholesale price, chances are that he is only a distributor selling another wholesaler’s merchandise.

But if his prices are below the going wholesale rate you are more than likely dealing with an actual wholesale source, not a reseller.

Another tip to making sure that you are dealing with an authentic wholesale source is to see if the wholesaler offers lower prices for volume purchases.

Real wholesale sources will be happy to offer these wholesale price discounts because they know that their business is based on volume.

Wholesale sources are not concerned with the price per item, as with the total profit that comes from volume sales.

Lastly, check the wholesale source out. You can research wholesale sources by searching online for reviews and feedback that they have received.

At the end of the day, your experience with the wholesale source will be your best indicator for determining how authentic a wholesale source is.

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