Vaporizers: The Pickaxe of the Medical Marijuana Market

The legal dry herb market is forecasted to top $6 billion in 2016, and the growth potential of this new industry is expected to be very high for years to come as more states move to legalize the herbs both medically and recreationally. Obviously this is a very attractive industry to enter, but the introductory costs for starting farms and dispensaries are prohibitively expensive.

The good news for budding entrepreneurs is that with the growth of marijuana sales, many ancillary products and services will also see significant sales increases. There’s a common maxim taught to wanna-be business owners that goes like this: “You can mine for gold or you can sell pickaxes.” This saying alludes to the fact that some of the most successful businesses are built around offering tools or supplies for bigger industries.


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Batten down the hatches – Black Friday is coming!

Some are starting to smile while others cringe…here it comes again, Black Friday.

Referred to as the creme de la creme of buying and selling, and it’s only a week away.

Adobe’s Digital Index shows that last year’s Black Friday set the bar high, with consumers spending $2.4 billion online, an almost 24% increase from the prior year. This year, according to some estimates, that spend line is increasing even more. Especially with e-commerce continuing to grow in the double digits, something it has done for several years in a row now.

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Sandy Hook, CT - Going about donating.

Recent events within the small town of Sandy Hook, CT have struck the hearts and souls of many Americans and others around the world.  For some making a donation is all they can do, it provides some personal relief that they are helping when help is truly needed. Continue reading Sandy Hook, CT – Going about donating.

Obama Re-election already causing closures and job layoffs

Within days of President Obama’s re-election businesses announce layoffs and even closures. “These cut backs are due to Obama’s re-election” stated one Arizona employer who reduced his staff by 22 employees.  Other businesses followed with similar actions and noted the fear of an even slower economy with no real change.  With no end in sight for Obamacare business owners are adjusting accordingly in an effort to make ends meet, unfortunately this means more people added to the unemployment lines.  These are real world consequences within days of a re-election, the fear things will continue to get worse is very real within the marketplace.

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SPOTLIGHT Your Company on

GetThatWholesale has launched a brand new opportunity for suppliers to market themselves to buyers. Although qualified suppliers can of course still list their company for free they may want to consider GetThatWholesale’s next level of promotion, the new and improved Spotlight Level. Unlike the free listing which includes only (1) product category and a very limited company description the Spotlight Level comes fully loaded. Best of all it fits even the tightest of budgets.

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GENCO Marketplace Introduces Easy-To-Use Website for Liquidation Lot Purchases


Release Date: For Immediate Release

Contact: Don Rendulic, GENCO ATC, 412-820-3922

GENCO Marketplace Introduces Easy-To-Use

Website for Liquidation Lot Purchases

Newly Designed Site Brings the Speed and Convenience of

Consumer Shopping Sites to Liquidation Buyers

PITTSBURGH, Pa., September 20, 2012 – GENCO Marketplace, one of America’s largest merchandise liquidators, has updated its website to make buying bulk liquidation lots as easy as buying items on popular consumer eCommerce sites.  The large-scale redesign project will enable buyers to spend less time sourcing liquidation inventory and more time selling and making money.

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Sourcing Wholesale 101 - NEW E-Book !!! Goes to the Presses with Informative New E-Book

GetThatWholesale is putting pen to paper or should we say, keystroke to E-Book. The new book titled “Sourcing Wholesale 101” is a beginner’s guide to wholesale and will assist new comers to the industry.

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Sourcing Wholesale 101

Sourcing Wholesale 101

Quote startThe book is centered around the basics, it covers many of the most common questions, like what’s the difference between a Customer Return and a Closeout?, it might sound simple to those of us inside the industry but to others it can be quite confusing.Quote end

Bethel, Connecticut (PRWEB) August 08, 2012

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Here it comes, Internet Sales Tax PENDING !

You probably know that consumers who don’t pay sales tax when they buy a TV on are supposed to pay a “use tax” later to their own state governments. And you probably also know that almost no one does that. In the sparse data on use tax you’ll find, you’ll see a 2009 […]

GET Heard by literally thousands of buyers!

Wholesale.FM offers users the chance to hear professionally produced interviews with wholesale supply industry leaders, owners, and experts on a variety of topics related to the business community. Interview subjects will provide retailers with a rare glimpse behind the marketing and canned emails and really hear from the people that make up the wholesale marketplace. Recent interviews have included the owner of Sahara Smoke Co Rodney Masri as well as Andrew Levine, Founder and CEO of JADS International.

The catalog of interviews is only half of the story. Through a link on flag ship site any listed company will be able to record a thirty second message without cost and using no special software of their own. They just click a button and a recorder opens ready to create their message. The supplier can then review and change their message if needed before committing to it. Continue reading GET Heard by literally thousands of buyers!

So Very Charming !

A hot trend, according to perhaps the largest search engine on the globe, is that of charmed bracelets. Wholesale jewelers have long known to keep the latest styles of these fashionable beads in stock. Women love them because they can create a bracelet, necklace, earring or other adornment that is uniquely their own. Men love them because they can buy something that has a wide price range and still look like Prince Charming even with a gift so small. The actual charm on the charm bracelets can be made from a variety of materials with gold, sterling silver and Murano glass being the most common materials used in modern charms. Birth stones, enamel, wood, diamonds and other gems are incorporated to add even more sophistication. Designs can be as simple as a smooth round bead of a singular color to more elaborate miniature statues.

Charms have long adorned our human bodies. Long ago these decorations were used as magical wards protecting us from evil or in hopes of bringing us love and more. Our ancient ancestors carved rocks, shells and molded clay into little amulets to be dangled from one’s hair or about the wrist attached to hemp or some other string. The oldest findings of beads used for adornment come from Blombos Cave in South Africa. The 41 shells have perforations and wear marks such as would be done by being used in a bracelet or necklace. These shell beads could be as much as 75,000 years old. Many charms have been found in caves and other areas where stone age and later ancestors lived. Amulets made to benefit fertility and hunting were quite commonly found made into bangles and necklaces. Continue reading So Very Charming !