Christmas Already? PLEASE STOP!

Christmas arrives earlier each year.

Unfortunately for those fans of Halloween and Thanksgiving, Christmas keeps requiring more and more elbow room each and every year.  At least Thanksgiving can fight back, its focus on family and tradition provides some added muscle to push back, Halloween however has literally been reduced down to a single day of celebration. I for one think it’s not only unfair but too be honest down right annoying.  I do not want to see Christmas lights in October, seriously??  Thinking of running to the mall? Need to make a purchase?  If you haven’t noticed the crowds are already growing.  It is just TOO EARLY FOR THIS PEOPLE!!!! PLEASE!!!!

So why is this happening? Quite simply consumers are being encouraged to “celebrate” early by businesses hoping to reap early rewards. I understand this phenomenon more than most, which does little to make me feel better about the whole rush to jingle bells.  I want my other holidays; I enjoy Halloween and expect the malls and shops to get much busier but please not yet.

Today is October 9th, 2011 is your Christmas tree up? If you answered yes to this question please seek help.  This rush to Christmas is in fact watering down your experience, aren’t you missing out on truly enjoying your holiday?  If everyday were Christmas, it would no longer be “Christmas” would it?  I for one enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving and gosh darn it they are worth celebrating without interference from Christmas.

After the Thanksgiving holiday you can unleash your winter wonderland that is Christmas, but kindly afford the rest of us some breathing room before then.  For now let’s focus on the costume parties, scary movies and the absolutely wonderful season of October.

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