Detox XL SHOT - The name says it all...

The name says it all. The all new High Voltage Detox XL SHOT is a product that end users have been waiting for, a 2oz Liquid Concentrate with 12 capsules loaded with Vitamins and Herbs that is GUARANTEED to work.  XL SHOT is currently offered in two flavors (Blue Berry and Blazin’ Cherry) and is specially formulated for individuals with High Toxin levels and/or over 200 pounds. “Effects can last up to 10 hours” Over the last 11 years High Voltage Detox has grown thanks to its continued support from its wholesalers, distributors and retailers. We as a manufacturer support our distributors and ask all retailers/shops/stores to please ask your local wholesalers/distributors for the XL SHOT. • 800.568.2595

High Voltage Detox XL SHOT

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