Diary of an EBay Non-Believer

Recently we received this interesting account from a first time seller to EBay.

As many of our users have experience with EBay we thought this may be of interest to you. Here it is. (We have not edited this)

Diary of an EBay Non-Believer

“I have a car for sale, I will sell it on EBay I thought. I logged onto my EBay account of which up until now had been used for only for 10 total purchases. These purchases were spread out over the last ten years. I have 100% positive feedback from the sellers I have purchased from. This would be my very first time attempting to sell an item, well in this case a car. I followed the listing process quite easily and placed the vehicle into an auction as well as a classified ad. I decided to buy several of the upgraded features as well to enhance my listing. I went with the bolded text and colored background. My item was featured so buyers would see it first. Prior to placing the ads I researched the vehicles value; I based this on several factors including similar make/models for sale on EBay as well as the blue book value. My asking price was reasonable…or so I thought.

My auction had a “Buy it Now” option as well as a reserve. After my ads went live I began to think about what would happen when the cars sells, the payment from the buyer etc. As I thought this through I realized that should a buyer opt for the “Buy it Now” they would be paying me in full via PayPal….uh oh, this could be a problem. Besides the obvious fees PayPal attaches to funds of this sort I began to wonder if EBay would attempt to hold my money for a period of time. I called into the support line for EBay and spoke to an operator. I realized quite quickly that I was dealing with an IDIOT. I was kept on hold for at least 30 minutes during one part of the call and I would have hung up if it were not for the fact that it took me an hour to get someone on the line in the first place. The operator returned to tell me I had a selling restriction and that I could not sell over $5,000 in a single month. Well, I am selling a car and not a toaster so this was not going to work. My vehicle was worth more than $5,000. I told the operator I would cancel both ads immediately due to this. I also questioned the logic in allowing me to place a “Buy it Now” option over my restricted limit??? With all the hoops EBay makes you jump through you would think they could catch a minor thing like this. Oh, but wait, they allow this because it MAKES EBAY MORE MONEY. When a seller lists an item and sets a “Buy it Now” for more than what they are allowed they ultimately will end up canceling their auction. A good percentage of those will then re-list without the “Buy it Now” option and thus provide EBay with additional revenue from the upgrades. Ok, back to the IDIOT operator. After I said I was cancelling my ads he simply said OK we will allow the sale for the higher amount this time. After this sale you will have the selling restriction again. Hmmmm…I thought how could this be?…just like that he was willing to remove the restriction? I smelled a rat. After hanging up with the operator I decided to try my luck with the EBay online chat. The first chat box I opened was replied to by a machine, well this is crap I thought. I disconnected and looked for another option, oh here it is, I clicked through to another chat box and this time was connected to an operator. I started typing in my question about the restriction and as to whether it was removed. The operator replied back, “No, you have a sellers restriction, Ebay will hold your funds should you exceed this.” She also stated that I needed at least 25 sales prior to being able to remove that. Gee, the other phone operator didn’t mention this at all, maybe he just did not know about this rule or maybe….HE IS A FRIGGIN IDIOT!!!!.

Of course I canceled my ads immediately. I also loose the funds I spent towards the upgrades. I then do what Ebay had hoped for and re-list my vehicle as I still need to sell it. I am re-charged for my upgrades!!!!!!! This time I do not set a “Buy it Now” option. The buyer will be required to place a deposit well within my sellers restrictions and then pay me the full balance in cash. Now I wait…and wait some more….and some more.

The auction is set to last 3 days. I see that I am starting to gather watchers. Oh boy I thought if they are watching maybe some of them will be interested. I then get my first bid a whopping $500.  Then the second bid comes through a whopping $502.50. Next I start to receive emails from EBay buyers about the car, “What is your reserve”, “What is your lowest price.” I answer these questions always within the same day and most within the same hour. I start to get the whole your asking too much…blah…blah…blah. Remember I compared my vehicle to others and also had the blue book, they were simply going through the motions of chewing me down. Sorry not going to work, I explained that if they have interest they should bid, I did disclose the reserve to anyone who asked.

As time passed my bid continued to increase however remained far below what I would be willing to sell the car for. I continued to gain watchers and towards the end had amassed close to 50!!! Everyone told me that buyers will bid during the last moments of the auction so I continued to be patient. As the hours fell to minutes I began to wonder if the bid would increase, finally the minutes fell to seconds and vwhalla……NOTHING. EBay hit the mark when they titled those watchers as “watchers”, they were doing just that and nothing more. What a joke.

With the auction over I can now get to the good part of this story. First I received the canned message from EBay “Your item did not sell, why not re-list it and pay us some more money.” NOPE not going to happen. Next I was introduced to the slimy underbelly of what has become EBay, I started getting offers from those “watchers”…yup the same buyers who sat and watched the auction and never bid even once started inquiring about the vehicle almost instantly. I quickly realized the scam, they were not watchers at all they were VULTURES. Now that the auction had ended they crept slowly towards the lifeless carcass of my vehicle and started to pick at every corner. “Dear Sir,” one wrote, “I noticed your vehicle did not sell I would be willing to offer you much less than you were asking”. I laughed, another wrote “I will help you out and take the car off your hands but you will need to offer free shipping and reduce the price.” I laughed harder. I deemed none of the above or the others I received even worthy of a reply. It is sad to think such an approach would even work.

Apparently this is how it works, what a shame. I have news for the VULTURES I am not the least bit desperate. The car will remain happily in the driveway of my 4 bedroom home. It will have the pleasant company of my other car and a friendly motorcycle. It will gaze lovingly at me while I sip lemonade and swim in my pool. It can expect to be pampered and babied for some time to come. Needless to say I will not be using EBay in the future, their customer service is incompetent and a large percentage of the users are squatters and vultures direct from the worlds slimiest flea market!

Unfortunately for those of you who are desperate you are facing a bleak moment of truth. DO NOT USE EBAY! You will not get a fair price, you are basically screwed and at the mercy of the VULTURES. I feel sorry for you.”

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