Flip it…and Get Organized!


Live in Flip Flops Launches a New Flip it Calendar

Just in Time for Spring; Flip it…and Get Organized!


Northeast Florida business owner, Lou Ann Davis, has just launched a third calendar in the Flip it series;  Flip it…and Get Organized – Tips to Lighten Your Load and Flip Your Day!


Similar to the first two “perpetual” calendars in the Flip it series, Flip it…and Get Organized is bursting with 366 daily messages and can be enjoyed beginning ANY day of ANY year. What makes this Flip it particularly unique is the focus on one area of the home each month, offering cost-conscious, time-saving tips such as “Razor blade sharpness will last 10 times longer when blades are dried thoroughly after each use,” “Place an old bookcase in a closet for instant shelving,” “When loading the dishwasher, group forks, knives and spoons in the same compartment, making unloading utensils a snap,” and on July 3rd, “The power of a list is not that it reminds you of what needs to be done, but instead, it frees you to forget.”


Each Flip it…and Get Organized includes a built-in easel stand and can be adorned with a miniature flip-flop charm, adding a colorful dimension to this daily “de-clutter and get-organized” guide.  These signature charms can be custom-made to match a particular décor or add a pop of color to signify your favorite team or school.


Flip It Calendar!

“As a professional organizer, I am especially delighted to add this unique product to our expanding perpetual-calendar series,” announced Live in Flip Flops’ CEO and President of Lighten Your Load Solutions, LLC (LightenYourLoadSolutions.com), Lou Ann Davis. “Flip it…and Get Organized has been created as a tool to shift your way of thinking about clutter and getting organized.  My hope is that these simple, money-saving tips will become automatic, taking you from overwhelmed to efficient and enjoying a more productive life.”


Visit LiveinFlipFlops.com to view additional one-of-a-kind decorative items, as well as the growing collection of Flip It calendars; Flip it…Inspiring Messages to Flip Your Day, Flip it…for Dog Lovers – Pawsitive Thoughts to Flip Your Day, and upcoming editions, Flip it…for New Parents, Couples, Athletes, Teachers and more! Please also visit LightenYourLoadSolutions.com to explore professional home and office organizing strategies, along with a variety of services to re-energize, enhance, and promote your business.

Flip It Calendar!


Live in Flip Flops is a registered trademark with corporate offices located in Amelia Island, Florida.  All products are created and manufactured in the U.S.A. Proud to be a woman-owned business!

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