GetThatWholesale launches new VAPING Category

If you haven’t heard by now how popular Vaping has become, you might want to start getting out a bit more. The industry has growing in leaps and bounds, so quickly in fact that Vape Product Suppliers can no longer be tossed into a generalized Smoking Products Category, this industry has outgrown itself.  It’s an industry that is raining down revenue to those lucky to be involved.


A vape product or more commonly known vaporizer, e-cigarette or electronic cigarette, is a battery operated device and widely accepted alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Unlike tobacco, users do not inhale smoke, instead vaping gives the experience of tobacco smoking where the user inhales vaporized nicotine emitted by the device., the internet’s largest online wholesale directory has just launched a brand new category for “Vaping”.  This is good news for buyers and suppliers alike.  The new category will provide commercial buyers looking to source vapes or vaping supplies with an efficient pipeline to those products.  In turn suppliers within will enjoy an elevated opportunity to reach these buyers.

We don’t add categories often but when we do you can bet it’s for very good reason.  This is one of those times, quite frankly our buyers demanded it and we are stepping forward to meet that demand.

The Worldwide Vape Products Market is expected to reach approx. US$32.11 billion by 2021.  That’s billion with a “B” folks, basically it’s HUGE. has over 60 different product categories and meet the needs of literally thousands of commercial buyers and suppliers.

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