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Getting a Return on Your Investment

Returned merchandise is big business and a tremendous opportunity for small retailers of every kind.  You get practically new, name brand products at unbeatable wholesale prices.


11% of all purchases nationwide are returned.  Customer Returns have created a billion-dollar industry for those who know how to flip these products into profit.  Many secondary marketplaces have sprung up to capitalize on the industry, they acquire refurbished and used items and then flip them back to businesses at almost cost.



With such wide margins there are huge profits to be made, there is also significant risk.  Returned items can be tricky, let’s start with the fact they were returned.  The best opportunities rest amongst the undamaged, fully working, well packaged items.  In fact, the resale industry has literally boomed over the last 2 years on Amazon and eBay.  So how does someone new to the industry compete, well finding the best deal on these returns has to be your first step, this widens your margins and makes you more attractive to buyers.


For well over a decade GetThatWholesale has helped buyers locate and source returns, our category of Customer Returns suppliers have decades of experience servicing buyers within this industry.  Best of all, buyers can locate new suppliers for FREE.  Start browsing today.