Innovating the Liquidation Load Purchasing Process

Via Trading’s Buyer-Centric Solution to Obtaining Manifested Liquidation Inventory

In June 2012, Via Trading launched the Load Center – a unique online database of liquidation loads and manifests – and one of the first of its kind in the liquidation industry.
Via Trading is thrilled to announce the launch of the Load Center, a complete list of our full and partial truckloads, manifested pallets, case lots and opportunistic deals.  For the first time, liquidation buyers worldwide can gain free access to hundreds of available loads at a glance on one screen, streamlining the wholesale purchasing process considerably.

The Load Center was created in response a collective problem we identified within the industry, as well as to streamline our own internal efficiency. An extension of Via’s website, the Load Center offers detailed functionality and an easy-to-use interface to aid wholesale buyers in locating specific loads for their businesses.
As department stores liquidate their surplus inventory, liquidation companies like Via Trading purchase them by the truckload and resell them on to secondary channel resellers like eBayers, swap meet vendors, discount store owners, auctioneers, etc. Merchandise on the liquidation market thus moves very quickly, creating a challenge for wholesale buyers searching for available inventory.
A high volume of liquidation merchandise is moved throughout the country daily and the availability of loads fluctuates by the hour. Without a centralized database of loads and manifests to examine, buyers typically contact companies directly to ask for available load lists, an often time consuming and inefficient process. Buyers may wait a business day or longer to receive updated inventory lists and manifest attachments, missing out on relevant deals as loads continue to sell out while they wait.
Glen Rundell of has found the Load Center to be useful for his purchasing department. “…It’s simply awesome. I can easily sort by product, brands, price and all this is available 24/7. I have not seen this system anywhere else – I’ve even taught some of my employees to use it to search for specific items that our customers have requested….really great!”
As Rundell notes, available online 24/7 the Load Center makes detailed wholesale purchasing accessible from any computer in the world, anytime. Buyers can log on to see current availabilities, find loads based on specific search criteria like category, price and condition, download manifests onto their computers and narrow their searches quickly and easily. Best of all, it is free to use by anyone looking for liquidation merchandise to resell.
In more detail, the Load Center offers users the ability to:
– View all available loads and relevant information

– Filter loads by various criteria (condition, price, location, store, category, etc.)

– View and download single or multiple manifests instantly

– Manipulate and summarize manifests

– See most recent loads added

– View discounted or “on sale” loads
Eliminating the need to email a company and wait for a reply, it removes human response time from the equation and facilitates the purchasing process. Buyers locate the products they need, obtain shipping quotes on the spot and place their orders online to reserve the goods before they sell out.

Continuously striving to innovate the industry and offer solutions to common buyer problems, we plan to continue to improve the features of our website and the Load Center – stay tuned for what’s next!

Via Trading, a leader in the liquidation industry, specializes in supplying individuals and businesses with popular merchandise from the nation’s biggest department stores at a fraction of its original cost. With ten years in the liquidation industry Via Trading has and continues to supply thousands of customers looking to make a profit by buying and selling consumer goods on the secondary market. Operating out of a 240,000 sq ft. warehouse in Los Angeles, the Via Trading facility is filled with thousands of pallets and several million dollars worth of inventory at any given time. Out of town customers can also visit their fully stocked website ( to make purchases, learn about the liquidation industry and take advantage of valuable resources that no other liquidation website offers. Via Trading has been recognized five years running by the LA Business Journal and the Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest growing companies in Los Angeles and the USA, respectively. The company maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is committed to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

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