Jeez, Now I Gotta Study About Backpacks!

For those considering retailing backpacks deciding which types to carry can be daunting. While many people may say, “Are you kidding me? A bag to hold things and straps for the shoulders and bam you’ve got a backpack.”  Unfortunately it’s not that simple. People use backpacks for different purposes and expect them to be suited to those specific purposes.

For now let’s take a look at the two most common uses for backpacks, school and hiking. These two activities place entirely different sets of demands on a backpack and its owner. a retailer should know their customers and their needs and select their inventory accordingly.

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A school backpack needs a large main pocket for books, binders, etc. as well as several smaller compartments for pens, calculators and the like. Most important however is durability. School use backpack get used, abused, dropped, shoved into small spaces, thrown in frustration, filled with drippy lunches and snacks and generally tormented on a daily basis. A backpack that lasts for more than a single semester or school year is a masterpiece of engineering.

Another important consideration for the school backpack is style. Backpacks like purses are fashion accessories. Young people like a little form with their function and demand eye catching colors and unique styling. To many students it is no more thinkable to carry an ugly or plain backpack than to wear a burlap sack.

Now, onto the trail. Sure a hiking backpack needs to be durable, all that weather exposure and tree branch snagging takes a toll but comfort is the key to a quality outdoor backpack. Ask any hiking enthusiast and they will likely tell you to not even consider a hiking backpack that doesn’t have a support frame, preferably an adjustable one. The frame helps distribute the weight to the hikers hips and legs and makes for a much more comfortable hike.

A hiking backpack should have well-padded shoulder straps to prevent abrasions and general fatigue. Another plus for a hiking backpack is a sturdy waist strap. This, like a frame, helps distribute the weight and improves comfort.
Of course the backpacks uses go far beyond the hiking trail and school hallway. Backpacks serve as brief cases, diaper bags, and for lack of a better term, man-purses. An informed retailer that understands their customer’s needs will be in a far better position to make the best merchandise choices.

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