Latest Interview : Arnold Heckman of Cannaline.

CLICK HERE for our Exclusive interview with Arnold Heckman of Cannaline

Cannaline is the only wholesale container company specifically dedicated to serving the medical marijuana jars/cannabis industry. Their staff has a deep familiarity with the special needs of the industry that cannot be matched by any general purpose packaging company. Cannaline packages much more securely than other companies, greatly reducing breakage. They offer labor and money saving features that are needed by the industry, i.e. “best practices” lids and bags, and small minimums for custom printed containers. Cannaline is the only container company that offers a limited lifetime warranty on our jars and money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.

Arnold Heckman, Owner of Cannaline talks to Kevin Gallagher of Wholesale.FM on the Wholesale Personal Container Industry.

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