Flea Markets in a holding pattern

Is there any industry still untouched by COVID? Maybe, but unfortunately, the Flea Market industry isn’t one of them, just like most businesses, markets have been hit hard by this epidemic. Even those markets sprawled out in fields, you know, those hidden gems that locals love to populate on lazy Sunday afternoons – yup those […]

Get up early and head over to the Flea Market.

Flea Markets! Flea Markets! And more Flea Markets!

Flea Markets and the wholesale industry go together like peanut butter and jelly. There is an enormous vendor population that derives their goods directly from wholesale suppliers. This relationship has continued to grow more and more over the last decade. Many consumers have taken to Flea […]

The Enduring Flea Market

The wholesale industry is now so thoroughly focused on the web, it is easy to forget about an important niche for many wholesale businesses, the flea market. The curious and rather repellant term is a translation of the French Marché aux Puces, a large, outdoor bazaar in Paris. This market was given its name by […]