Flip it…and Get Organized!


Live in Flip Flops Launches a New Flip it Calendar

Just in Time for Spring; Flip it…and Get Organized!

Northeast Florida business owner, Lou Ann Davis, has just launched a third calendar in the Flip it series; Flip it…and Get Organized – Tips to Lighten Your Load and […]

Even when it’s raining the sun is shining.

Today’s economy has brought many businesses back to basics. Most have had to break out their Business 101 notebooks and start reading from chapter 1 all over again. They are refreshing their knowledge of the basics. Basics that helped them get started, reach goals and hopefully grow their […]

Retailer’s Shouldn’t Forget Halloween

It has become the habit of the retail world to begin selling Christmas merchandise earlier and earlier each year. The popular consumer affair blog The Consumerist even humorously keeps track of sightings made of Christmas decorations as they appear in various retail chain stores.

In many ways this makes sense, the importance of Christmas to […]

Kill Bad Ideas Quick

Some inventors make the mistake of pouring years of their lives and thousands of dollars into bad ideas. Maybe their idea was ill-formed and nobody actually wants it. Maybe they wasted years pursuing an idea that actually will not work the way they originally thought it would. Whatever the case may be, the end […]