What good is a deal if no one is taking advantage?

As business owners we do a lot to prepare for the Holiday Buying Season. Stocking up on the latest and hottest products, offering year end deals and specials…the list goes on and on. None of these things matter if you are not being found, without new buyers to purchase stock we are sunk. What good is a deal if no one is taking advantage?


During this time of year it is critical to attract new and interested buyers. Procrastination could have devastating effects on your bottom line. So, if you’ve been thinking about creating a Facebook page for your company, do it. It’s free and many businesses reach dozens of new customers every month this way. Consider starting a blog specific to your industry, by giving advice to others you can build increased credibility in yourself all while attracting new customers. Does your company publish a monthly newsletter? Consider creating one to communicate all those great deals you offer throughout the year. Remember to keep it light, a little bit of humor can go a long way in communicating your message. Business does not need to be boring, change it up each month and your will find your subscribers growing.

Oh and before we forget, adding your company to GetThatWholesale.com is another great way to attract new and interested buyers. We offer free inclusion to qualified suppliers and those that wish to stand out have plenty of options to do so within our platform. Not sure what’s best for your company, give one of our promotion specialists a call. We are happy to discuss options with you and we will work to find you the very best opportunities to meet your needs.   Happy sourcing !!

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