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It is a crazy category with the zany merchandise you need. Everything from glow in the dark LED products to toys, party favors and much, much more. Thousands of novelty products from the suppliers you can trust.




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GetThatWholesale's Novelties category proudly sponsored by Fortune Products Inc

GetThatWholesale's Novelties category proudly sponsored by Fortune Products Inc
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River Village
Buyer's Source for Wholesale Incense, Fragrance Oils, Tapestries and Novelties
Date: 12-29-2007| Rating:
Sunshine Joy Distributing
Grateful Dead Tapestries Tie-Dyed Shirts Zippo Gift Distributor Egyptian Fairy Statues Wholesale Gifts Moving Waterfall Pictures B2B only!
Date: 12-29-2007| Rating:
Hang Kap
Exclusive provider of the Hang Kap, a NEW D.I.Y. kit to display and store can coolers. This is a checkout counter "impulse buy" product that is used to display can coolers in kitchens, outdoor decks/patios, mancaves, and restaurants and bars. This product could also be categorized as a "party supply", as it can display can coolers at parties and double as a balloon weight.
Date: 6-14-2017| Rating: 1
Jewelry, Gifts, Gadgets & Party Favors! WHOLESALE! Over 2000 items at $1!
Date: 12-29-2007| Rating:
Valley Supply Inc.
Are you looking for top quality products for your grocery or convenience store? If so, then look no further than Valley Supply Inc. in Mt Vernon, OH. We are the most preferred online wholesale distributor for sunglasses, cell phone chargers & accessories, novelty items, winter hats and gloves, lighters and gifts!
Date: 11-19-2015| Rating: 0
The Tin Box Company of America, Inc.
We're glad you have found The Tin Box Company online store! If you are a retailer, you will now be able to view and order tinware directly online. If you already have a catalog, the easiest way to order online is to use the "search for tins" option on the left hand side menu. Simply type in the sku number and you'll be taken directly to the item. THE MINIMUM ORDER IS NOW $150
Date: 12-29-2007| Rating:
Lifeforce Glass, Inc.
Inexpensive Gifts with Meaning, Socially and Environmentally Responsible, Made in USA from Lifeforce Glass. We are the manufacturer. Imprinted glass stones, granite blocks, and seabeans that delight and inspire. Something for everyone and custom work available. Retailers and bulk buyers please register.
Date: 6-27-2014| Rating: 1
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