Ah, the sweet smells of success. Perfumes and colognes are a huge part of any fashion or beauty related store but almost any retail store can benefit from a line of wholesale perfumes. From Chanel and Armani to bargain brands, they are all here.

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The House of Fragrances
We specialize in high-quality body fragrance oils and home fragrance oils at wholesale prices. We also have wholesale priced personal care products such as lotions, shower gels, body sprays.
Date: 3-26-2010| Rating: 2
Designer perfumes fragrances, colognes and giftsets, lowest wholesale prices, Worldwide shipping.Perfumes Wholesale perfume and Discount Perfumes
Date: 3-24-2008| Rating:
Wholesale Perfume, Cologne, over 6,000 brand name original fragrances at up to 80% off. Free Shipping.
Date: 12-29-2007| Rating: 0
Dreaming Earth
Therapeutic grade essential oils, organic essential oils, massage and carrier oils, lotions, aromatherapy blends, diffusers and natural pest control
Date: 1-27-2008| Rating:
Arion Perfume & Beauty
A major new force in the Alternative and Value Price Fragrance categories has formed in the Americas. ARION PERFUME AND BEAUTY has introduced several hot selling fragrance lines in the last two years.
Date: 9-8-2008| Rating:
Kheops International
Wholesaler, Dropshiper, Incense, shape boxes, treasure boxes, tarot boxes, incense holders and Candle accessories, Bamboo Fiber, Yoga and Relaxation clothing.
Date: 1-24-2008| Rating:
Save on Scents
Over 1000 bulk wholesale fragrance oils, free shipping, candlemaking, soapmaking, body oils, burning oils, incense supplies, essential oils, scented incense, perfume bottles, vials, lotions, multibase, Victorias Secret, Bath and Body Works, Yankee Candle
Date: 12-29-2007| Rating:
New York City based online beauty and fragrance supplier, founded in 2010 by a husband and wife duo. Dedicated to supplying only the highest quality of cosmetics and fragrances, has gained a superior international reputation for providing exceptional products and customer service. We offer the highest quality of products at substantial savings.
Date: 4-14-2016| Rating: 0
Perfumes Etc. Ltd
Perfumes Etc. Ltd. is a leading brand name perfume distribution company.We are in operation for over 12 years. We cater to chain stores and small independent retailers. We carry over 2600 different sku's at all times. Drop-shipping Available!Contact us at +1-905-850-8060 Ext 225.
Date: 8-10-2010| Rating:
Jacobs Trading Company
JTC is a direct wholesaler of customer returns, shelf pulls, excess, and overstock inventories. We sell by the truckload to a variety of outlets including, but not limited to: discount, variety and surplus stores, flea markets, auctioneers, on-line wholesalers and retailers. For more information visit us online or call us today at (763) 843-2000.
Date: 11-11-2010| Rating: 1
Eddies Perfume inc.
Eddies Perfume is a large distributor and wholesaler of authentic designer perfume products. Based in Los Angeles, CA, we have pride ourselves on being the low price leaders with the best customer service in the industry.
Date: 4-18-2016| Rating:
TheUniversal-Almaya Group.
Collective identity of Universal Perfumes & Cosmetics Inc. and Almaya Perfumes Inc.; leading distributors of designer fragrances based in New York.
Date: 12-29-2007| Rating:
Wholesale source for essential oils,exotic oils,fragrance oils,designer type oil,glycerin soap, bottles,and oil diffusers. Buy oils by the pound and save.Hundreds of oils to choose from.
Date: 3-24-2008| Rating:
JMC Wholesale
Since 2003, J.M.C. Wholesale has specialized in wholesale branded apparel & accessories, health & beauty products for men, women, and children.
Date: 12-29-2007| Rating:
Perfume and cologne body oils, designer type and traditional fragrance oils, lotions, bubble bath, shower gel and perfume sprays for men and women.
Date: 6-29-2012| Rating:
Y K Trading, Inc.
Import & Wholesale Ladies Handbag Costume Jewelry Sterling Silver Sunglasses Hair AccBackpack Luggage Tote & Garment Bag Perfume Novelty Item
Date: 1-24-2008| Rating:
Wholesale Body Oils
Fragrance Oils, Body Oils, Perfume Oils, Scented oils, Air Fresheners, Massage Oils, Oil Burners, Scent, wholesale body oils, wholesale fragrance oils, bottles, roll-ons, spray bottles
Date: 12-29-2007| Rating:
Eddies Perfume inc.
Eddies Perfume is a large distributor and wholesaler of authentic designer perfume products. Based in Los Angeles, CA, we have pride ourselves on being the low price leaders with the best customer service in the industry.
Date: 4-18-2016| Rating:
FragranceNet offers discount pricing on more than 11,000 genuine Fragrances, Skincare, Haircare, Make-Up, Aromatherapy, Candles and more. Contact us to learn more about our Wholesale and Drop-Ship programs.
Date: 6-23-2009| Rating: 0
Scent With Love
A truly memorable fragrance; wears softly like a romantic whisper in one's ear; a gentle touch of a hand against a cheek, a favorite love song. Like a perfect kiss, the fragrance will linger long into the evening. The exquisite bottle is housed in a vintage-like journal along with your memories.
Date: 1-12-2015| Rating: 0
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