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GetThatWholesale's Smoking Products category
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GetThatWholesale's Smoking Products category
proudly sponsored by Champs Trade Shows
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IE Vapor Inc
IE Vapor Inc. is a Premier Wholesale Vaping Supplier that specializes in the wholesale and distribution of vape juice, vapor products and e-cig accessories. We are authorized distributor and re-seller of wide variety of vaping products brand names. We carry products of major name brands like Aspire, Sigelei, Smok, Innokin, Kangetech, Joytech to name a few. We also carry well known e juice brands like Cuttwood, Cosmic Fog, Brewell, Beard. We aim to provide authentic products with the most competitive industry prices, quick turnaround time on a successful order confirmation.
Date: 4-9-2018| Rating: 1
Vapor Source
Vapor Source blends include only the finest ingredients and are sold in BPA FREE U.S.A. made food grade plastic bottles that are perfect for filling all E-Cigarette brands tanks or reservoirs.
Date: 1-28-2015| Rating:
Hot Box Vapors
HOT BOX vaporizers are designed to enhance your herbal vaporizing experience and are simple and safe to use. Named High Times "Staff Favorite", HOT BOX is hand made in Orange County, CA. You can also purchase SMELLY PROOF odor proof storage bags, G-PENS portable vaporizers and SPACE CASE grinders from us. Call 866-515-9622, mention Get That Wholesale and get 10% off your first order!
Date: 6-27-2012| Rating: 1
IpuffUSA is a southern California based developer and manufacturer of highest quality vaporizing devices and accessories.
Date: 6-11-2012| Rating:
We are a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of the ultimate line of detox products. We have over 17 years industry experience and our products are of such impeccable quality we back them with a 500% money-back guarantee, the industry's highest.
Date: 8-6-2010| Rating: 2
Le Cig
We have a large supply of smokeless cigarettes, supplies and accessories at great prices. E-cig starter kits, electronic pipes, GreenCigs and so much more.
Date: 8-29-2012| Rating: 1
Jacob's Paradise, Inc.
Importer and Distributor of General Merchandise as well As Fashion Accessories and Jewelry. We also carry Incense, Scales, Detox, Souvenirs, Diversion Safes, Flasks, Fragrance Oils, Key Chains, Rings, Shock Items, Nag Champa Incense and many more items
Date: 11-3-2009| Rating:
Kingstar Supplies, Inc.
Importer and distributor of smoking accessories, gifts, and fashion accessories
Date: 9-25-2009| Rating:
Bee-Nails revolutionizes how the world vaporizes cannabis extract! View our full stock of electric nails and e-nail sets today. Our electric nails (e-nails or enails) lead the industry in design, innovation, safety, and of course, health. More importantly, through rigorous product testing and continuous innovation, we are able to meet the needs and desires of our customers, by offering Bee-Nails sets to meet your varied vaporization needs. We pride ourselves on customer service and are here to educate our customer.
Date: 2-23-2017| Rating: 1
Smoking Imports
We are a discounted wholesaler specializing in glass water pipes, hand pipes, vaporizers, hookahs and much more. Mention and save 5% on your order!
Date: 5-19-2010| Rating: 2
Detoxify Brand Products
You cant trust your cleansing program to snake oil. Thats why we have engaged in ongoing research for years with nutritionists, food scientists, herbalists, and nationally-recognized labs. Our products have been researched, studied, and tested. Detoxify does research you can count on, and provides products you can trust.
Date: 4-17-2012| Rating: 2
The Kind Pen
The Kind Pen has quickly become one of the worlds most trusted brand names in the industry. The Kind Pen vaporizers are an effective delivery system that offers a healthy and affordable alternative to crude resin-filled pipes and bongs. The Kind Pen offers the perfect balance of potency and discreet portability for consumers. With five clicks and a deep breath, The Kind Pen is letting people taste the world in a wonderful new way.
Date: 1-13-2015| Rating: 1
X2O Vapes
X2O Vapes is a leading brand name in the vapor industry out of Dallas Texas. X2O Vapes is known for it's user friendly hardware and high quality E-Liquids that merge extraordinary style and world class quality into a unique design.
Date: 7-29-2016| Rating:
We offer cotton, cotton plants, cotton bolls, a variety of nuts, Cotton Jewelry, & lots of other farm related products for the asking. Cotton is our specialty; We love to raise a nice crop of cotton. We go the extra mile to give each cotton plant the nutrients, time, and care it needs to optimally produce. Don't forget to check out our Facebook page, we are always posting pics of our crops.
Date: 8-26-2016| Rating: 1
Parts Only Store
For ALL your Brass, Nickel and Anodized Pipes and Parts needs!! View our online catalog now. We are your source for wholesale pipes.
Date: 7-9-2014| Rating: 1
Happy Daddy Products
We manufacture fine Stainless Steel and Titanium smoking accessories and glass cleaning tools made in Oregon with American sourced safe metals
Date: 3-27-2012| Rating:
There is a reason why MAGNUM DETOX is the fastest growing line of detoxification products in the world. We formulate and sell great tasting products that really work. We are constantly researching and developing exciting, cutting - edge detoxification products that you can trust.
Date: 7-20-2012| Rating:
Herb Iron
If you spend money on quality glass, quality tobacco and legal herbs, why ruin the taste with butane and sulfur.The Herb-Iron uses a quality 25 watt ceramic heating element that is activated with a simple push of a button. The ceramic element reaches optimum smoking or vaporizing temperatures in 6-8 seconds from cold start. Heat up times become shorter throughout the smoking or vaporizing session.
Date: 10-3-2014| Rating: 1
Toronto Vaporizer
Only the best vaporizers at the best prices, with the best service and 100% privacy guaranteed.
Date: 9-13-2016| Rating: 1
Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers
USA wholesale supplier of Unflavored Liquid Nicotine usp, E-Liquid Nicotine USP, Propylene Glycol USP, and Vegetable Glycerin USP for the DIY E-Liquid, Vapor manufactures.
Date: 1-13-2015| Rating:
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