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Valor Communication Inc MYBAT Wireless Accessories

Valor Communication Inc

Makers of MYBAT Wireless Accessories

Valor Communication, Inc. is one of the largest manufacturers and wholesalers of aftermarket cell phone accessories worldwide. We specialize in premium quality mobile phone accessories including cell phone cases, phone chargers, batteries, phone pouches, tempered glass screen protectors, headphones, skin covers and more. Choose from hundreds of new Apple accessories, Samsung accessories, LG accessories, ZTE accessories and more from our weekly new shipments of the latest phone models and accessories. With over 16,000 novelty items available at our Los Angeles, California warehouse, we have positioned ourselves as the ultimate hub for mobile phone accessories wholesale. Innovative, fashionable and quality products, coupled with amazing customer support – that is our promise..

water resistant speakersHands Free Mobile Accessories
Skull Cap Hybrid phone coverVerge hybrd phone cover

Valor Communication Inc


Office: 18071 Arenth Ave.,
City of Industry, CA 91748

Phone: 877-369-2088

Sleep Safe Box
The Perfect Baby Gift

Sleep Safe Box

Baby and MomEverything new parents will need! From birth to the transition phases, Sleep Safe Box contains everything babies will need. A fantastic gift for the ones you love most. Each box contains baby clothes, blankets, and other newborn necessities. The box itself turns in to a crib – which also includes a fitted sheet and mattress to be used as the baby's first bassinet or crib.

Sleep Safe Box

Long a traditional Finnish gift, the Sleep Safe Box is now a hot gift item for new Moms. Create customizable boxes perfect for any new parent.

Sleep Safe Box


Phone: 714-400-2780

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Real Insect Company
Unique and Beautiful – Genuine Crafted Flowers and Insects

Real Insect Company

Retailers are always looking for the next hot selling items. Customers need to see it and go "Wow I have got to have that!" or "Oh, that is so beautiful – what a perfect gift!". Real Insect Company offers just that.

Our array of one–of–a–kind gifts will surely be a strong seller. Bracelets, necklaces, key chains, globes, computer mouses, paper weights, and more. All come with genuine crafted real insects, flowers, butterflies, sea life or four leaf clovers.

real sea life computer mousereal flower giftreal insect jewelry
Great for seaside boutiques, gift shops, c–store retailers...anywhere impulse or gift items are sold!

Register today for wholesale discounts! https://02c0a24.netsolstores.com/register.aspx

Phone: 650–261–9888

Smokeless Image
No Smelly Odors, No Tar – Feels Just Like Smoking

Smokeless Image

Smokeless Image Smokeless Image goal is to deliver high quality electronic cigarettes and accessories, while providing the best customer service and prices that make these great new products accessible to every smoker.

We're in it for the long run! Whether you're new to electronic cigarettes, or been using them a while, Smokeless Image will make sure you have the best experience possible with your new lifestyle.

Smokeless Image


Phone: 877-629-8276

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Heaven Dropt
Made with patriotic recycled military material

Heaven Dropt

Heaven Dropt – your customers will love the fact that the materials our bandana and bracelet are made with came from recycled military material. Now, everyone can honor our heroes!

Pet Bandana - Made with patriotic recycled military material, The Pet Bandana is perfect for your four-legged buddy! It comfortably slides onto your pet’s collar making it an easy fit while supporting a good cause.

The Pet Bandana is both stylish and patriotic, standing behind a good cause - returning our Veterans back to employment. Made with the same material as parachutes, the Pet Bandana is OD green and fits perfectly on your pet's collar. We specialize in products that honor veterans and people with disabilities out of our Design Center in Northwest Louisiana. In addition to the Pet Bandana, we also have the original that ties and holds your glasses at work or your sunglasses when you are outside. HEAVENDROPt launched the Pet Bandana at the Patriot Day Breakfast on 9/11/2013 in St. Petersburg, FL with its sister product the "Cause" Bracelet. Help support employment for returning veterans with these exciting and inspiring American-made products!

Cause Bracelet - Our "Cause" Bracelet helps increase awareness of our veterans and people with disabilities in their pursuit of employment in a recognizing and inspiring environment. Help us spread the message "serve, provide for, and champion individuals with disabilities."

Heaven Dropt Cause BraceletThe "Cause" Bracelet is designed donning a gunmetal color with a secure lobster claw clasp that is perfect for easy attachment and removal. It will display the HEAVENDROPt copper charm we are known for. By wearing this bracelet you are showing your support for our veterans and people with disabilities returning to the workplace with pay above minimum wage and a welcoming environment. Our products increase awareness for the lives that have served our country, giving them self-esteem and helping their journey to prosperity. The "Cause" Bracelet is a perfect gift for a veteran and non-veteran alike, aesthetically pleasing and stands behind the good cause of allowing our veterans and people with disabilities to expand their skills. HEAVENDROPt invests in "green" products made of recycled military items and will continue to work on innovative items that are fun and patriotic!


Heaven Dropt

Phone: 727-519-3058
Email: Nancy Giles - nancy.giles@evergreenls.org

Fresh Stor the ultimate storage solution
The World's Smartest Storage Container, No Thinking Required

CVault by Freshstor

CVault Medicinal Herb Storage Container Science Under The Lid
  • Thick silicone ring ensures an airtight seal
  • Controls air, light and humidity
  • Custom made pak holder for Boveda/humidipak

62% Humidity Control

CVault humidity controlled curing and storage preserves your fresh product, medical herbs and premium rolling tobacco in peak condition completely hassle and maintenance free.

  • Patented two-way 62% humidity controlled curing and storage technology
  • No loss of oils, character or flavor from your product
  • All natural elements; salts and water, no chemicals

CVault Medicinal Herb Storage Container Wholesale Inquiries

Design and Function
  • Constructed from lightweight, durable stainless steel
  • Multiple latch design locks in product freshness
  • Wide mouth design for easy access curing and storage

Learn How Humidipak Works
"No thinking required", No Adjustments, No Fiddling. Just take the Boveda/Humidipak and place it under the lid of your CVault and within 24 to 48 hours your product will be at the PERFECT relative humidity.

"The ULTIMATE humidity controlled curing and storage system"

Fresh Stor


Phone: 800-574-5456

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Lighter Mate
World's First Magnetic Lighter

Mate – the World's First Magnetic Lighter

STOP LOSING LIGHTERS. Lighter Mate is the most functional lighter in the world. Safe and approved for air travel. Heat resistant case with the same finsih as an iPod. Does NOT interfere with most credit cards. Does NOT damage electronics or USB drives. Adjustable flame – rotate wheel to adjust. Saves you time and money. Green product made with 100% recycled materials. 1000 plus lights per refill with butane.

Each Lighter Mate comes with two accessories: A Docking Pin so you can dock your lighter directly to your keys or some other location of your choices. And a Pack Plate – Stick your lighter directly on your pack – for the first time ever. Retailers: we offer you a convenient 18 count double sided display. Each pack includes LighterMate, keyring / docking pin and Pack Plate. 12 displays per case.

Lighter Mate


Located: 1305 E. Sixth St #5, Austin, TX 78702

Phone: 888–420–MATE

Email: info@lightermate.com

Quick Click Belts
No More Guessing Your Belt Size

Quick Click Belts

The Only Belt You Will Ever Need! Our revolutionary mens belts are becoming very popular! Quick Click Belts are made from genuine cowhide leather. All you need to do is cut the belt to the appropriate size and attach the buckle – that's it. No more going to the store and trying to guess which length is perfect for you! Simply order a Quick Click Belt and when it arrives cut it to size!

New Women's Bling Belts Coming Soon!


Quick Click Belts


Located: 1201 W North Carrier Pkwy, Grand Praire, TX 75050

Email: request@quickclickbelts.com

Transformer Tube
Create your own Hookah design!

Transformer Tube

Modular Pipes and Hookahs

Transformer Tube modular pipes and hookahsSmoking enthusiasts hate it when a small piece of their pipe breaks and they are forced to buy a whole new pipe or hookah which can be quite an expense. Transformer Tube changes all that with a line of pipes and hookahs with a module design. Each piece fits together and can be extended adding different components. There are 23 different modules which include: a freezer module, connectors, filtration, percolation, aesthetic modules (such as our popular Lego designs) - many more modules are in the work. The Transformer Tube family of modules allows users to put together combinations of parts to create a unique pipe or hookah they can call their own.

Unlike most pipes and hookahs, Transformer Tube modules are made from plastic. If you are ok with drinking from a plastic bottle, then you understand that Transformer Tube is safe to use. When properly used, Transformer Tube products never become hot enough to be a danger.
The benefits of using plastic over wood, metal or glass is:
  • Durability: Plastic pipes have a much higher resistance to breaking
  • Reproducibility: injection molded parts are the same to a tight tolerance, hand blown glass has high variability
  • Interface Method: Standard taper fittings in glass must be supported from below and require vertical orientation to work, threads work in any orientation and stay together when lifted from above
  • Cost: We are able to offer pTT modules at less than half the price of comparable glass pipes
  • Weight: Our modules are 1/5th to 1/10th the weight of glass pipes

Transformer Tubes are also easy to clean. Simply take each module apart and soak in isopropy alchohol. An ultrasonic cleaner is also offered for sale - this technology can get aid in removal of extreme residue build up.

Contact us to find out more about how you can add the Transform Tube line of pipes and hookahs to your store.

Transformer Tube



Phone: 540-440-1280

Email: sales@1280designs.com



Retailers know that Flip-Flops and almost bare footwear is all the rage. Women are looking to accessorize this look with something chic, elegant yet fun and colorful. SunSandals has the answer. Our Barefoot Sandals can be worn with or without shoes or sandals. SunSandals are beautifully designed in a wide variety of styles that are perfect for a night on the town or a day at the beach. Now we offer our Barefoot Sandals, Necklaces and Bracelets at wholesale prices. Our creations offer something for everyone - your customers will love the way they look and come back for more. Contact us today!

SunSandals Fashion Foot Accessories

Phone: 321-622-4553
Email: info@sunsandals.net
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High Voltage Detox XL Shots

XL SHOT - High Voltage Detox

Health and body awareness is at an all time high. All new High Voltage Detox XL SHOT is the product your customers have been waiting for. 2oz Liquid Concentrate that is GUARANTEED to work. A choice of two delicious flavors - Blue Berry and Blazin’ Cherry - XL SHOT is formulated to work on individuals with High Toxin Levels or who are over 200 pounds. Effects can last up to 10 hours!

XL SHOT gives your body the vitamins and minerals it needs while removing harmful toxins.

XL Shot High Voltage Detox

In business for 11 years, High Voltage Detox keeps on growing as we maintain a high level of standard for the products we manufacture.

Are you a wholesaler or distributor? Give us a call today!

High Voltage Detox - Wholesale
Phone: 800-568-2595
Fax: 702-307-2707

PR Sunglasses Wholesale
Thousands of Styles to Choose From

7903AG. Fleur de Lis Shades

PR Sunglasses is one of the nation's largest sunglass importers. In business since 1986 with a long history of providing their customers with the highest level of service, quality and value. They carry the market's largest selection of styles, including fashion sunglasses in mens, ladies and kids in both metal and plastic frames in assorted colors.

The latest look in sunglasses is their Fleur de Lis Shades with the statement "Believe". This is a one piece PC lens that comes in either smoke or brown. A hot seller for one hot summer.

PR Sunglasses Wholesale Eyewear

Located: 7596 Harwin Dr., Houston, TX 77036

Telephone: 800-777-7656 / 713/975-8252

Email: info@prsunglasses.com

Website: http://www.prsunglasses.com

Sparq Home USA Soapstone Products
SPARQ Home delivers high–quality and visually appealing serveware.


Sparq soapstone ice cubes Founders Steve Chavez and Justin English became frustrated with the mass of scrap soapstone leftover from their kitchen countertop business that was ending up in a landfill. The industry was producing more scrap than it could handle so they set out to make lemonade out of lemons. Determined to create sustainable products from this great natural resource, Chavez and English turned to the stone's natural properties of maintaining warm and cool temperatures.

The use of soapstone for its temperature properties is as old as mankind. In fact, it is one of the most effective natural materials this planet produces for conducting and retaining temperature. Why not harness its powers for the greater entertaining good?

Unlike granite or marble, soapstone is the ONLY non-porous, odorless, tasteless, and a natural food safe stone used in the home. This is when the SPARQ Home product line was born.

Sparq Soapstone Griddle Grill

Made in the USA & Sustainably Focused

SPARQ Home is based in Denver where the majority of our products are made. The remainder of the manufacturing is done in Massachusetts for the purpose of keeping fuel and shipping usage low for customers on the east coast. Through a network of relationships, SPARQ Home re–proposes collected scrap material and is transformed into beautiful, unique, quality kitchen products.

The most popular product lines developed by SPARQ Home are the SPARQ Soapstone Ice Cubes and SPARQ Soapstone Griddle Grill

Soapstone Ice Rocks will chill your liquor without diluting it. Because soapstone retains its temperature longer than ice holding their temperature for 1 hour or more, Soapstone Ice Rocks provide for a more sustained chill. Soapstone Ice Rocks have been sent through a tumbling process to wear down the edges, meaning they won't scratch your glass and will never wear out or lose their ability to chill your drinks. Soapstone is non-porous, odorlessm tasteless and will not react to household cleaners.

Soapstone Griddle Grill

Until now, sacrificing great flavor for something more nutritious has been the normal route for people seeking a fit lifestyle. Every day we see news articles about some new vitamin supplement and the dangers associated with cooked foods. Imagine a product that could afford you and your family better tasting food all the while providing a safer, more nutrient–rich way to cook. The answer is found within the new SPARQ Soapstone Griddle, a natural, non–stick, energy–saving way to a better tasting life.

The uses for this soapstone cooking griddle are endless. Soapstone cookware has been around for centuries and is highly prized across the world for its multitude of abilities. You don't need to be picky about how you use it, just brush it first with any type of cooking oil, heat and add whatever food you like. It can be used for almost any type of cooking all at one sustained temperature, eliminating hot spots from your grill.


Phone: 303-800-1904
Location: 901 S. Jason St Unit B
Denver, CO. 80223

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