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Wholesale Industry Newsletter January, 2016

CHAMPS Las Vegas Feb 2016

CHAMPS TRADE SHOWS is widely recognized as the largest and most trusted counter-culture trade show in the world. Since 1999, CHAMPS has hosted the premier exhibitors in the industry and draws buyers in the thousands from all over the world to attend.

"We are a business-to-business trade show," Jeff Hirschfeld explains, "so retailers and wholesalers from all over the country come to buy, meet and interact with the largest wholesale manufacturers and distributors in the counter culture world."

CHAMPS welcomes you to their 34th Las Vegas CHAMPS Show February 2-4th 2016. Inventors bring their newest and most advanced products to unveil at CHAMPS first. Artists bring their A-Game trying to compete to win the Masters Finals with over $65,000 in cash and prizes. With approx. 700 available booths, 40 torches for the World Renown CHAMPS Glass Games Masters Finales, $1000 cash give away every hour and a shuttle running between the show and the Tuscany Hotel and Casino, the Las Vegas CHAMPS Trade Shows is a no brainer!

Each CHAMPS trade show features the best in contemporary smoking accessories, hand blown glass, clothing, and many interesting items in the specialty gift market. The Sherman Oaks, CA based business operates four shows annually: Las Vegas (Jan/Feb) and (July/August), Atlantic City in May and Denver in October. The shows are strictly B2B and are not open to the public.

Unlike other industries, the 420 market is booming with growth, CHAMPS connects retailers with the newest and hottest products throughout the year. CHAMPS Las Vegas is not a show to be missed. You can learn more about CHAMPS and Pre-Register to attend on their website.


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Over the last three decades, Kole Imports has become the premiere wholesale distributor of fast-selling, unique items at discount prices. We have never strayed from our family business mentality and we continue to treat each of our customers the way we would like to be treated. We are, and have always been, committed to being Your Profit Source.

We import large quantities of bulk merchandise directly from manufacturers overseas, warehouse them, and sell to wholesalers and retailers. Our 250,000 square-foot warehouse, located in Los Angeles, contains millions of pieces of merchandise, allowing us to provide a 99.7% fill rate on orders, and great substitutes for any out-of-stock items. At any given moment we have tens of thousands of unique sellable items in stock that serve many different industries.

Visit Kole Imports


Kole Imports

Style Asia Inc. is a leader in Manufacturing, Import and Wholesale distribution of General Merchandise, Gifts, Novelties and Promotional merchandise. At Style Asia, a dedicated team of ingenious, creative and talented craftsmen bring in products that charm, delight and inspire life as it is meant to be, all the while focusing on increasing the top line for its retailers and wholesalers alike.

A one stop shop for BBQ Accessories, Solar LED lights, Housewares, and Gifts to name a few, Style Asia Inc runs highly successful brands such as Jim Beam, Northpoint, Rethink, Chefs Basic, American Builder and Generation.

Visit Style Asia


Style Asia

Bring the Live in Flip Flops lifestyle into your home with our newest product, Flip Flop Fan Pulls! Capture the laid back, beach feeling with a ceiling fan pull to match your decor, or choose the colors of your favorite school or team. Each fan pull is delivered with a sturdy jump ring to attach to any fan cord. Makes the perfect gift for a summertime-lovin' friend, or for you. Made in the U.S.A.

Wholesale pricing available.
Handmade from rubber, lightweight, sturdy, colorful. Made to order.

Visit Live in Flip Flops


Live in Flip Flops

With attention to quality coffee, and friendly service, Rocky Mountain Roasting Co. soon outgrew its first store and now has seven stores. Our goals remain the same. We continue to carefully select the best green beans from around the world, and do our own roasting in small batches, to insure the highest quality and freshest coffees.

The 12-kilo roaster and the 45 kilo roaster have now been joined with the 25-kilo machine, and we proudly offer our various roasts and blends to stores throughout the region and via phone or Internet to customers throughout the world.

Visit Rocky Mountain Roasters


Style Asia

White Rhino Wholesale is a nation wide distributor of tobacco products at wholesale prices. Every thing for the smoke shop retailer. From water pipes, hookahs, and glass pipes to shisha, vaporizers, and electronic cigarettes.

Visit White Rhino


White Rhino

High Voltage Detox is a convenient and delicious detoxification product that provides key nutrients and herbs to remove toxins from your body. Did you know that food and water we ingest and the air we breathe can cause damage to our organs and tissue. It is important that we cleanse or remove these toxins from our bodies regularly. High Voltage Detox provides a safe and effective way to help cleanse the body of unwanted toxins that build up on a daily basis. High Voltage Detox is dedicated to delivering superior customer support in a highly efficient manner. We strive for honesty, fairness and integrity in everything we do and each bottle of High Voltage we sell.

Visit High Voltage Detox



Voltage Detox

30 states have legalized medical marijuana thus far or have legislation pending, and 4 have legalized recreational marijuana, with more slated for statewide votes in 2016. As the industry emerges from the shadows and becomes mainstream, we want to be there to establish Green Goddess Supply as a high quality producer of accessories you can trust and rely upon.

Our commitment to you - great quality products at a reasonable price.

Visit Green Goddess Supply


Green Goddess Supply

We are a growing company specializing in used consumer electronics. With over 5 years of experience, we have strong connections to consistently source large volumes of high quality devices. We primarily deal with used unlocked iPhones. We distribute fully functional and cosmetically graded devices to distributors, e commerce companies, and retailers.

MassTech is an honest, reliable, and cost effective source for your mobile device needs. We believe in being easy to work with and understanding of any specific needs our clients may have. In an industry struck with dishonesty, product discrepancies, and outright scam artists we strive to take care of every customer with the resources we have available

Visit MassTech


MassTech Electronics

We are a direct importer of wholesale replica sunglasses. We compare in style to designer inspired sunglasses. All of our wholesale sunglasses can be compared to, but not confused with the designer name brand sunglasses. We have hundreds of styles to choose from, and are confident that you will find styles that will suit your customer’s needs.

We have full office staff ready to assists you in any way possible. We also offer Live Help on our website and accept orders on our website as well as over the phone and via email or fax.

Visit Wholesale Discount Sunglasses


Wholesale Discount 


We created BULQ to provide a better way to source returned and excess goods. Inventory comes direct from retailers. We guarantee you’ll receive what you bought. Pay with credit card and ship to your door. Get the info you need to make money, and do so consistently.

We’ve been in your shoes, and know what it takes to be successful. We believe in people and partnerships rather than numbers and transactions. We’re inspired by your tenacity and entrepreneurism. You drive everything we do. Keep it up!

Visit Bulq



DP & Company is dedicated to giving their customers the best possible service and prices. Quality of service is something that is easily overlooked when dealing wholesale, but we take pride in helping our customers achieve the most from their business'.

We offer retailers the finest in folding knives, decorative swords, self defense products, airsoft guns and much, much more. Drop by and be amazed!

Visit DP & Company


DP & Company

The Doob Tube is the perfect container for storing your pre-rolled medicine. Small and compact, these innovative storage containers fit neatly in your pocket. Carefully designed to keep your medicine safe and discreet, Doob Tubes are ideal for when you are on the move.

The Doob Tube has been carefully constructed with an advanced air-tight seal to prevent any unwanted odors escaping or any moisture seeping in. The innovative, air-tight seal allows you to store your herbs with complete discretion.

Visit DoobTube



Are you looking for top quality products for your grocery or convenience store? If so, then look no further than Valley Supply Inc. We are the preferred online wholesale distributors for customer driven novelty items and gifts. We offer many new items every week. Get free displays!

Our products include such diverse items as candles, jerky, NFL merchandise, e-cigarettes, sunglasses, lighters, cell phone chargers and accessories, novelty items, winter hats and gloves, gifts and more!

Visit Valley Supply Inc.


Valley Supply

BTB Wholesale specializes in glass tobacco accessories. From simple handcrafted glass pipes to elaborate bubblers. You'll find a full line of pipes in clever and interesting shapes from animals and holiday designs to hand held water styles.

We also offers a wide range of accessories such as grinders, scales, and rolling machines. All our products come with terrific service and unbeatable prices.

Visit BTB Wholesale/a>


BTB Wholesale

Silverline Wholesale, Inc. was established with the principles of Honesty, courtesy, and plain simple excellent customer service. We strongly believe in, treating people as you like to be treated.

Just as there is always a silver lining after a dark cloud, we are the silver line in the smoking accessory market by providing you with the hottest new products from our industry. Our goal is to provide high quality products for lowest price possible to all of our customers.

Visit Silverline Wholesale



Wholesale, Inc.

Safety Technology gives you have access to over 500 non-lethal self defense products, such as stun guns, pepper spray, Tasers, personal alarms, diversion safes, survival gear, hidden cameras and surveillance systems at the best wholesale prices. You can sell these products on eBay, Amazon, your own website, or local market events, like flea markets and gun shows.

Using our pepper spray displays, you can set up a profitable vending route selling to beauty shops, locksmiths, convenience stores, sporting goods stores, hardware stores, gun shops, drug stores, gas stations, and gift shops. Best of all, the products can be drop shipped directly to your customers. That way you don’t have to stock any products, if you don’t want to.

We hold the Trademarks and are the manufacturer of Stun Master, Runt and Li’l Guy stun guns and Pepper Shot and Wildfire pepper sprays.

Visit Safety Technology


Safety Technology

BAXBO Games is a Utah-based gaming company dedicated to providing fresh, innovating, outrageous games that are unlike any the world has seen before. Roll the dice and test your wits with our fast-paced word race game of endless possiblity: XOOM CUBES. Outsmart, out-maneuver and outlast your opponent before it all comes crashing down with SLAPDASH. Kick it up a notch with Tummple! The strategy building game that lets you sabotage your opponent and immortalize your creation. BAXBO Games is where the unthinkable begins.

Visit BAXBO Games


Baxbo Games

When we first set out to make our products, we did not foresee it as a business venture so much as a way to help those close to us. When our family members started bringing home electronic cigarettes and using e-juices from a number of online resources, we decided that we would do some research into the manufacturing process and see what exactly our friends and family were inhaling. We quickly realized that there were no regulations on the market yet, and most companies didn’t bother to list the ingredients they used, we found the latter concerning.

We thought it would be wise to manufacture a product for them without the harmful additives. We spent many months working on our first few flavors, getting feedback from those around us on what they liked and disliked about each flavor, what they’d like changed, even creating new mixes based upon their input. We have seen a lot of growth since then, but we have not lost touch of our founding principles. We are passionate about the ingredients, flavors and the overall quality of our product line. Each of our flavors goes through an extensive testing and vetting period, many changes are made in the process, tweaking each Signature flavor until it is perfect, then and only then will we release it to our customers. Our customers are of the finest caliber and would expect nothing less.

Visit Signature Vape Juice


Signature  Vape Juice

Distribution Video and Audio is a family-owned and operated business specializing in the entertainment industry.

We are one of the largest resellers of excess inventory of DVD, audio CDs, books, video games, toys, consumer products and more in the United States. The company has relationships with the who’s who of the industry, both large and small. DVA buys and sells over 15,000,000 DVDs and audio CDs annually.

Visit Distribution Video


Distribution Video 

and Audio

DaVinci Vaporizers

- the most advanced portable vaporizer in the market. You can vape discreetly in clubs, restaurants or at the comfort of your home and enjoy every session you have. Feeling adventurous or you’re just normally the outdoorsy type? Get the DaVinci Classic vaporizer today! This vaporizer is meant to be used for outdoors and will never fail you because of the superior battery life and portability. With its rugged look, you can rely on this durable vape wherever you go. How about luxury vaping you said? The Ascent by DaVinci would be what you want. With 100% glass pathway, all-glass coded ceramic bowl, precision temperature and 3-hour battery life, this is all what the “flavor chaser” or the connoisseur would wish for. Get a vaporizer today and you’ll get FREE accessories with it. Remember, vape intelligently.

Visit DaVinci Vaporizers


Davinci Vaporizers

Jacobs Trading

For more than forty years, Jacobs Trading Company has specialized in solving the excess inventory and return challenges of American manufacturing and retail businesses.

JTC is a direct source for many retailers' and manufacturers' customer returns, over- stocks, shelf-pulls, and damaged goods.

JTC is a true wholesaler - we only sell by the truckload to a variety of outlets including: discount and surplus stores; flea market vendors; auctioneers; and on-line wholesalers and retailers.

Visit Jacobs Trading


Jacobs Trading

3D Belt offers the best western style leather belts, wallets, buckles, and accessories available anywhere.W care our own label as well as Angel Ranch, Silver Strike, Rocky, and Georgia Boot.

Terrific Styles at prices your customers will love!

Visit 3D Belt


3D Belt and 


B-Stock Supply is a B2B liquidation marketplace where resellers find opportunities to bid on wide variety of ever-changing inventory. Popular categories include designer apparel, consumer electronics and appliances. Recent examples of brands represented on the marketplace include HP, Apple, Xbox, Kitchenaid, Sony, JVC, Olympus, Maytag, Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole and many more. New auction events are added frequently. Don't miss out!

Visit B-stock Solutions




Heaven Dropt provides competitive wage jobs for people with developmental/intellectual disabilities and veterans with disabilities. We obtain and recycle used military parachutes that have supported members of the armed services who are defending freedom around the world and turn them into unique products. The sale of HEAVENDROPt products, gives back to individuals with developmental/intellectual disabilities and veteran assistance organizations.

Visit Heaven Dropt


Heaven Dropt

Whether you are looking for e-cig batteries, chargers, atomizers, cartridges, clearomizers, tanks, liquids or vaporizers, HotVapes is committed to offering you the highest quality vaping experience possible.

Visit Hot Vapes


Hot Vapes

We are the best in the business of suppling tobacco shops with all their accessories need. We are a family owned business and have the best customer service in the business. You can count on us to handle all you smoking product needs.

Visit B&R Enterprises


B&R Enterprises

Fujima USA is a wholesale, global distributor of smoking products and accessories for businesses of all types and sizes. We have grown rapidly with the the industry, developing into one of the preferred global smoking products suppliers. Fujima USA is dedicated to the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. Through quality product distribution, remarkable selection, convenience, service and affordable pricing, Fujima USA delivers a quality buying and smoking experience across the purchasing chain.

Visit Fujima USA


Fujima USA

Master Cutlery, Inc. has always been a pioneer in the knife industry in product development. We have the newest and hottest products in the entire industry.

We do not sell to individuals for personal use.

If you would like to place an order or request a catalog (dealer only) please call us at (888) 271 7229 or E-mail:

Visit Master Cutlery


5 Oceans 


Art Supply Wholesale Club is the one and only wholesale club for Art Supplies. Never pay retail prices again! Members enjoy everyday access to exclusive Wholesale Club pricing for art materials and supplies. Compare our club member pricing to other online art supply retailers and you will see a big difference! Buy your membership to unlock all the member prices and benefits not available to everyone.

Visit Art Supply Wholesale Club


Art Supply 

Wholesale Club

We are fully committed to our clients' success and have our products in stock and ready to ship – we keep at least 1000 PC. Per color per style of every product, so your customers get what they need when they order it and your business looks great!

We have worked with every type of online selling platform, from Walmart, ebay and amazon to groupon, and private web sites. We have experience selling products, and that’s the name of the game in this business. With Dropship Deals as your foundation, you can build the business you’ve always dreamed about.

Visit Dropship Deals


Dropship Deals

Matt's Incenseoffers the finest incense sticks, cones, and burners around, all at prices your customers are going to love.

Quality and customer satisfaction are our highest priority.

Visit Matt's Incense


Matt's Incense

Empire Discount Wholesale Toys is the source for the best prices on name brand wholeswale toys. The ideal merchandise supplier for resellers, flea marketeers, non profits and retail stores. Popular licensed toys at up to 80% off retail price.

And Many More!

Visit Empire Discount Toys


Empire Discount 


Start selling a name you can trust. We are making retailers lives less frantic and more profitable. With high quality, up to date smoking accessories at affordable prices. Competitive pricing, an advanced order system that makes restock a breeze, and a commitment to customer service makes adapterrlman a smoke store owner's dream.

Visit Adapterrlman



We have the largest selection of the latest styles and trends in the Hiphop Jewelry business. We offer a broad range of items including but not limited to grillz, LCD & LED Dogtags and belt buckles, pendants, bracelets, chains, watches, belt buckles, rings and more! while others only offer a small selection of wholesale hip hop products.

The Hip Hop Jewelry Wholesale Advantage All products are open stock Low Minimum Orders Over 3000 Hip Hop Jewelry products offered Volume Discounts please call or email We don't offer just products. We offer a business opportunity.

Visit Hip Hop Jewelry


Hip Hop Jewelry

GENCO Marketplace.

Need a steady supply of below wholesale merchandise?

GENCO Marketplace liquidates more than $5 million worth of retail inventory -- DAILY.

Deeply discounted wholesale closeouts, wholesale customer returns, overstock items. Direct from America's largest retailers and manufacturers. Buyers of below wholesale merchandise visit us today to see the liquidation auctions and start profiting.

Visit GENCO Marketplace




If you have a traveling dog,then you need Otto Step!

With Otto Step, your dog can now step easily into the back - no more picking up hind legs! Think of Otto Step as preventative medicine for your companion. It helps prevent injuries caused by jumping down from a high SUVs, vans, station wagons and trucks.

Otto step is made of lightweight and durable glass filled nylon that can easily hold over 200 lbs.

Visit Otto Step


Otto Pet Step

The world's largest and most popular counterculture trade show in the world for over 14 years, CHAMPS TRADE SHOW is a global trailblazer and the premier business-to-business counterculture expo bringing in thousands of retail and wholesale buyers from all over the globe four times a year. Our most recent show brought in over 10,000 - 14,000 attendees with over 2,500 different retail stores. Plus CHAMPS all-new ArtiZen section was an enormous success! With exhibitors from around the world showcasing smoking accessories, 420 products, clothing, handblown glass, clothing, skateboards, body products, candles, incense, tattoo gear, posters, art and many other specialty gift products.

Visit Champs Trade Shows


Champs trade 


The Honey Bee Extractor lets you make clean, high quality oil in just minutes. is your premier source for essential oil extractors. Try our custom Honey Bee Extractor and you'll wonder why you bothered using any other methods to extract pure Essential Oil.

Visit Honey Bee Extractors


Honey Bee 


Creating is our passion. Without the beauty of design in the world around us, life would be simply uninspiring. To this end, we design, produce, and deliver quality products to you. We are very proud to be a U.S. based, eco-friendly manufacturer of wholesale jewelry & gifts. All retailers and resellers are welcome. We look forward to working with you! We also encourage you to call us with any questions at 888 884 7090 where we will be happy to personally assist you.

Visit Eco Smart Designs


HC Designs Jewelry

Discount Wholesalers, Inc. specializes in the wholesale of overstock, customer returns, liquidation merchandise, closeouts (pallets/truckloads). We offer merchandise at the lowest prices available. We carry everything from HBA, general merchandise, domestics, food, electronics, apparel and tools. Our products contain major Name Brands.

Check our website often, for weekly specials on merchandise. We've been in closeout and salvage business for over 12 years.

Visit Discount Wholesalers



At J&S Wholesale our mission is simple, to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.The products we offer include wholesale pallets of customer return appliances, electronics, tools, clothes, furniture, toys, jewelry, general merchandise and more.

Visit J&S Wholesale


J&S Wholesale

Global Warehouse Solutions would like to offer you an answer to your Supply Chain requirements. We offer a full range of services such as storage, transportation, inspection, pick/pack, rework, assembly, services and more. We have a revolutionary computerized system that allow us to accurately track and manage your inventory, for a more efficient process and faster service. Just give us your requirements and we will find a solution that fits your needs. Unlike public warehouses, our secure facilities provide the flexibility, responsiveness, reliability and personal touch needed to optimize product flow and improve storage and inventory requirements.

Visit Global Warehouse Solutions


global warehouse 

solutions is now the Largest Marketplace
on the Web with Over 5000 Supplier Listings.

Whether you are selling wholesale or buying wholesale,
we have provided the ultimate wholesale connection.

Get Started, Get Listed, Get Connected.


GetThatWholesale Staff
Toll Free: 888.358.7822
Outside US: 203.599.1274

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