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Batten down the hatches – Black Friday is coming!

Some are starting to smile while others cringe…here it comes again, Black Friday.

Referred to as the creme de la creme of buying and selling, and it’s only a week away.

Adobe’s Digital Index shows that last year’s Black Friday set the bar high, with consumers spending $2.4 billion online, an almost 24% increase from the prior year. This year, according to some estimates, that spend line is increasing even more. Especially with e-commerce continuing to grow in the double digits, something it has done for several years in a row now.


Many of the largest players have begun taking swings earlier and earlier each year, why wait until Friday when you can get ahead on Monday. Amazon specifically has launched many black Friday driven promotions far early than expected, even weeks prior to the coveted Friday. Is it so hard to picture, a Black Friday week? no, not really. Retailers are eager to capitalize early, getting their deals out in front of Joe Consumer early has the potential for big end of year dividends.

If you are waiting until Black Friday to launch your promotions you are missing out. Sure, keep some deals reserved only for that special day but take advantage of the entire month.   Get out in front early and often, keep your deals coming and be competitive. These need to be your best deals, not just watered down every day specials. If you are looking to expand your product line or even build on your current inventory offers over 60 different product categories chocked full of qualified suppliers. Supplier options will give you the best deal allowing you to create an even greater deal during all the holiday craze.