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Play NICE with your competition 😊

The proverb you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar means it’s much easier to get what you want by being polite rather than by being rude.  Quite a simple concept but one sometimes lost between businesses competing for the same market.  We’ve all been there, that moment when a salesperson starts slinging mud at the “other guy”, these conversations can be awkward and even uncomfortable.  This type of behavior says A LOT more about the one talking than it does about the one being talked about.

So, what if have nothing good to say about your competition? well, then you should simply say nothing at all.  The alternative is much less appealing, when you sling mud you always end up getting dirty yourself, you can be perceived as a complainer, a whiner, maybe even a mean spirited person – none of these traits are good for promoting sales.

So, the next time your competitor is mentioned in a sales call you might handle things like this, “I’m very familiar with “Company B”, there are many differences between us, allow me to highlight some of the reasons our clients choose us”.  Now get back to talking about YOUR business, keep the conversation positive, focus on your products and services, because isn’t that the point.

Here’s a fun fact: When you talk about people behind their backs, folks listening imagine you will do the same to them. Not a very good look.


Remember, what goes around comes around – hopefully what you got coming is GOOD!