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Black Friday is COMING on Thursday ?

For many shoppers Black Friday represents the absolute best opportunity to grab the season’s hottest deals.  The chaos and melee that ensues upon the doorstep of big box retailers each and every year is just par for the course, some might say they look forward to the battle within the isles.  Black Friday is something that truly lacks proper description and can only be experienced firsthand.  This year will be no different however this year’s Black Friday is going to start just a bit earlier.  I guess we could call this Grey Thursday?

black friday madness


Over the past few years many retailers have begun to try and cash in early on the Black Friday madness.  They start by offering specials and discounts the week of, just enough to wet the appetite.  Now it seems they want to ring the dinner bell a full day early and hope it carries through Friday.  Unfortunately, instead of sitting on nice comfy recliners and eating Turkey this year many employees working for Sears and KMART will find themselves standing behind registers.  Both retailers intend to open their doors early on Thanksgiving Day, they are intent on bringing in those deal grabbers and they are not waiting until Friday to do it.  It will be interesting to see how many consumers decide to take advantage of the early opener…..I know one shopper who will not be there, I intend to spend Thanksgiving with my family.  The very reason I and many others enjoy Thanksgiving is the long overdue break it affords us from the rat race.


I think Sears and KMART may have quite a few employees afflicted with the dreaded “24 hour Bug” this year………we shall see.