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Shame on you Coca-Cola, shame, shame…..shame

Coca-Cola is telling ALL Whites “to be less white”, the company is providing company training that teaches all Whites are “inherently bad because of their skin color”…..🤔 gee…that sounds a bit racist.
Hey Coke, next time try “to be less stupid”.

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International Orders – Good or Bad?


Processing International Orders – Use Caution

International fraud is a growing global phenomenon. The threat of fraud can come from anywhere in the world, and the proceeds of fraudulent transactions can be spirited away across borders, requiring lengthy, costly and complex processes to repatriate stolen funds.

There will always be those who take advantage of others. Businesses will never be free of fraudsters but they can take steps to avoid them. Here are a few good practice suggestions.



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Splatter campaigns don’t work

Has your company ever received an email about something completely foreign to your business? Let’s say you specialize in providing a service, maybe a great new system to quickly keep track of product inventory. That’s it, this service is all you do, nothing more or less. Your world revolves around providing this great new inventory tracker to businesses. Your website includes an about us page clearly talking about your love for this inventory tracking service and how it is your sole driving factor in today’s market. So why would you receive an email from someone asking if you need a better way to transport your products? Or another email offering a service that will photograph your products for online promotion? Or, another inquiry asking if you have the right packing materials for shipping your products? None of these are services you can use, a simple glance at your website would tell any would be sender this, so why are you getting these anyways?


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Actually reading your contract helps…

This is not the first time we have touched on contracts, they such an important role in today’s business that we are re-posting this small piece of advice.

If you are in business than you have probably been burnt once or twice, unfortunately this is just a part of life.  No matter what you sell or what type of service you provide you will always find those that are unhappy, no matter how hard you try to please there are some that cannot be satisfied.  In situations like these it’s critical that your responsibilities to the client are spelled out and in writing.  This is not only for your protection but their protection as well.  Contracts are the basis for business and have been in use since ink touched paper, they provide not only peace of mind for the buyer but the legal protection of all parties involved.  If you are not using them you should think about starting, without some type of contract between parties you are left unprotected and defenseless against anothers whim, confusion or misunderstanding.  You will be left with a he said she said scenario and that’s not good when you are talking dollar and cents.


Here are some best practices when dealing with contracts:

1) READ THE CONTRACT – ALL OF THE CONTRACT – NOW READ AGAIN. Signing something you have not read is foolish and typically occurs with the inexperienced, you cant cry foul later when you realize you have agreed to something you would not have had you actually read the contract.  This is common sense, read before signing.

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But you said it was FREE ??

In today’s tough economy the term free has the ability to grab ones attention quite quickly.Wholesale buyers seem to be reaching their bottom lines sooner than expected these days. Any opportunity to extend that bottom line with free benefits is always well appreciated. Well it seems as though some are capitalizing on this attractive and flashy term although not with
good intentions.
With almost 5,000 qualified wholesale suppliers already connected within our network buyers can find quick success sourcing products. Buyers using our network will be pleasantly surprised, our supplier listings are real and not the usual ad-sense so often found on other sites. Buyers are encouraged to find and source form suppliers, there are no registration fees or annoying forms to fill out, simply find a supplier and start sourcing, that’s it!

We have all become accustomed to the internet’s common pitfalls, spam, loss of privacy, fraud and the list goes on. With all of that we can now add word impersonation to the list. So how does it work you ask? Easy, simply throw that attractive and flashy ‘FREE’ anywhere and everywhere you want. Here’s a good example, you visit a site that promises to help increase your business. They appear to be able to do it all and you realize it’s your lucky day when you notice they will let you join for ‘FREE’. Like most of us you’re thinking, great! I mean what’s better than free. Ok, you click through to take advantage of that attractive and flashy ‘FREE’ and WHAM! It’s gone, there is no free, nothing even close to free and instead the website asks you to pay. You click away mumbling beneath your breath about what a waste of time that was. Now start browsing again and repeat process.

‘FREE’ is cropping up all over the net and in truth it has really always been here. The current economy has just made this ruse sting a bit more than usual.

I guess we could all simply stop clicking on that attractive and flashy free link every time it pops up. We could avoid this joy to disappointment routine altogether. Unfortunately if we did that we would miss out on those opportunities that are in fact actually FREE. That’s right FREE does exist among the sea of impersonators. It may be difficult to spot but when found it can be very satisfying indeed.

So do your best to avoid those worthless impersonators and take advantage of those authentic free opportunities every chance you get.

Here’s one to get you started. broke the mold when they offered qualified suppliers FREE inclusion and FREE access to the largest audience of wholesale suppliers on the web. NO membership fees, NO pay-per click banks to fill, free is free.

Get listed for FREE today. (Go ahead and click FREE, it really is)

We are a green company that is proud to be pay-per click and membership free.

Visit GetThatWholesale Today!

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Britain MORE dangerous than U.S.A

Many Americans screaming for gun control will be surprised to learn recent statistics place Britain as THE MOST DANGEROUS country in ALL of Europe, even surpassing South Africa.  The facts show Britain to be far more dangerous than the “gun slinging” United States.  Although these numbers were just released many proponents of the 2nd Amendment have been well aware of these facts for quite sometime.  So why aren’t more people aware of these facts? The answer is simple, those yelling for all the gun-grabbing have been backed by a media blitz against one of this countries greatest and most cherished freedoms.

The banning of weapons is not new, several countries have passed laws taking guns from the hands of their citizens.  The UK and China both ban private ownership of guns.  Australia, Japan, Singapore and Canada have all passed very strict gun laws limiting gun ownership.  Against popular belief removing guns entirely does not reduce crime, in fact in all cases it has dramatically increased crime.  Criminals are well aware the guppy pool has gotten bigger, they become emboldened knowing they have the upper hand.  The gun laws imposed only effect those who follow the laws in the first place, criminals are not getting finger printed or filing paperwork to own guns.  Criminals get their guns they way they always have, illegally and on the black market.  Let’s face it, if criminals are the only ones holding guns the population is literally at their mercy.

Here are some interesting facts to consider:

  • The UK has the second highest overall crime rate in the EU.
  • It has a higher homicide rate than most of our western European neighbors, including France, Germany, Italy and Spain.
  • The UK has the fifth highest robbery rate in the EU.
  • It has the fourth highest burglary rate and the highest absolute number of burglaries in the EU, with double the number of offenses than recorded in Germany and France.
So the next time you hear someone say the United States is more dangerous than “Gun Free” countries you can correct them and hopefully educate them that the facts show it is CLEARLY MUCH SAFER 🙂

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Sandy Hook, CT – Going about donating.

Recent events within the small town of Sandy Hook, CT have struck the hearts and souls of many Americans and others around the world.  For some making a donation is all they can do, it provides some personal relief that they are helping when help is truly needed.

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BIG changes at Big Lots

Big Lots has reported that it’s CEO and president of the Ohio closeout retailer 61-year-old Steven Fishman would soon step down as chairman. This announcement seems directly linked to news about an ongoing investigation into alleged insider trading by Fishman.  Back in March Fishman unexpectedly and outside of his normal trading schedule dumped $10 Million worth of Big Lots stock, this did not go unnoticed and when little more than a month later that same stock plummeted by a quarter suspicions rose.  The CEO is now caught up in an ongoing criminal probe to determine if negative information was kept from investors.

The latest news reports that an Atlanta based law firm of Holzer, Holzer & Fistel filed a class action lawsuit against Big Lots, saying the company “knew but failed to adequately disclose that its consumables line was deteriorating.”  The lawsuit also claims that the company didn’t adequately inform it’s investors “that its margins and prospects were being adversely impacted by consumers making purchases of big ticket products online.”

Just what does Big Lots have to say about this?  Well, Big Lots says there is no relation to Fishman’s departure or any ongoing investigation. “Unequivocally, Steve’s announcement to retire once a replacement has been found has nothing to do with the recent (Wall Street Journal) article or criminal probe,” Charles Haubiel, Big Lots’ top lawyer, told The Columbus Dispatch. “It’s a shame that someone who has done so much good for the company and the community has to have this cloud from someone trying to tie him into an SEC investigation.”

Big Lots

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Newsflash Beyonce

Ok so Oblahblah won his re-election but somebody needs hand Beyonce a clue….NEWSFLASH he did not win Texas. Not by a LONG SHOT.  Not only did he not win it but he lost it in an overwhelming majority to the Republicans.

Beyonce proves once again why so many consider her to be an immature over paid spoiled brat.  She provided the following caption to accompany her silly picture below “Take that Mitches”.  Very mature indeed, this type of attitude falls in line with most everything else you do.  Narcissistic silliness at its best.

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Obama Re-election already causing closures and job layoffs

Within days of President Obama’s re-election businesses announce layoffs and even closures. “These cut backs are due to Obama’s re-election” stated one Arizona employer who reduced his staff by 22 employees.  Other businesses followed with similar actions and noted the fear of an even slower economy with no real change.  With no end in sight for Obamacare business owners are adjusting accordingly in an effort to make ends meet, unfortunately this means more people added to the unemployment lines.  These are real world consequences within days of a re-election, the fear things will continue to get worse is very real within the marketplace.