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Check Out Jacobs Trading

Are you looking for great Wholesale Bargains?  Do you sell merchandise at flea markets, online, or a discount store?  Well you have probably heard about sourcing department store customer returns and overstocks and want to get in on the act.

In case you’re confused about the term; customer returns are defined as any merchandise that has been returned back to the retail store by a consumer due to any number of reasons that could include, minor defects, buyer’s remorse, broken, or missing parts.  This merchandise is then resold in the secondary market by salvage wholesale suppliers at extraordinary discounts.
Step one is finding a reliable supplier.

What we look for:  First we want a supplier that has a good repudiation and has been in business for many years with a good track record.  We want a supplier with plenty of merchandise in a variety of retail niches.  And we want to be able to contact the supplier directly to develop a plan and have our questions answered on the spot.

We talked to friends and relations, did some online research, consulted the Better Business Bureau, and we read The Retailers Wholesale Guide.  All of this brings Jacobs Trading Company to our attention.

Jacobs Trading fits our criteria in a number of ways.  First off our reliability needs are addressed since they have been in business since the 1960s.  This shows that they aren’t going anywhere soon and have consistent repeat business.

Second, they carry everything from furniture and housewares to electronics and seasonal items.  We will have a wide variety of general merchandise to choose from with plenty of options.  If we need tools, toys, rugs, or sporting goods they’ve got us covered.  We can even get Power Wheels ride on toys.  They will ship us mixed pallets of general merchandise pallets of items from a specific product category.

You can contact them directly and talk with the sales staff that have experience in helping bargain hunters find just the right type of merchandise.  We can even make an appointment to tour their facility in Hopkins, Minnesota.   Speaking with these helpful reps reveals a commitment to developing long term relationships almost unheard of in the returns industry.

Speaking of that phone number; that is the next step.  We give them a call and get started down the road of building a successful retail outlet with quality retail merchandise.

Now we have to keep some limitation in mind.  Almost all merchandise is sold “As Is” and Jacobs Trading cannot guarantee the quality of the specific items contained on each truckload.  However, over 40 years in business shows that customers are satisfied with the merchandise that they have received or they would not come back.  In the name of some serious savings this is calculated risk we better be prepared to take.

We will have to pay all of the shipping costs but with a highly developed collection of large volume deals with transporters this cost is usually less than we would pay for shipping with other carriers or on our own.  Jacobs Trading’s size and experience with help keep shipping costs under control.
There are a lot of customer return distributors out there but if you are looking for the direct source for customer returns you can’t do better than Jacobs Trading Company.

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