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FBI investigates nasty emails??

Since when did the FBI run out of more important things to do, it seems they are so desperate for work that they are looking into civilian claims of email harassment.  It seems a bit below their pay grade….but true.  The results of this investigation culminated in the resignation of CIA top seat David Petraeus.  It all started when 37-year-old Jill Kelley, a friend of the Petraeus family, received harassing emails. She alerted the FBI, where a friend of Kelley’s works, thus starting the investigation.  Wow, your own private army of investigators……does everyone receive this type of support from the FBI?

Because our work keeps us smack dab on top of the net, we send and receive countless emails daily.  Thankfully many of these received emails are of a positive nature but assuming we started receiving negative emails I doubt the FBI would give us even a single second of their time.  In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if while reporting the negative emails they threatened us with legal action on some “wasting our time” ridiculousness. Why then is Mrs. Kelley afforded this high level of attention from America’s finest investigators? well, quite simply she is a socialite with friends on the inside.  Well, we are throwing the BS flag right into the faces of the FBI.  This is clearly the highest level of favoritism within an organization that should be above reproach. It is laughable that any time was invested into this claim by Mrs. Kelly, hey Mrs. Kelly here’s a tip…..mark unwanted emails as spam! poof you just saved us tax payers $50, 000 in FBI payroll fees.

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