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New Attractions at CHAMPS Trade Shows!

As CHAMPS Trade Shows celebrates its twentieth anniversary, it’s clear that the cannabis industry has evolved. Over 20 years, the number of exhibitors who attend CHAMPS Trade Shows has multiplied. Exhibitors now include businesses that serve every aspect of the cannabis marketplace and every whim of the consumer. Hemp products, vaporizers, cigarette papers, lighters, credit card companies, POS systems, insurance providers, clothing, incense, candles, jewelry, media outlets and more are all represented at CHAMPS.

CHAMPS has expanded its own reach within the industry. Earlier this year, the massive B2B trade show introduced a new division: Dispensary+

It goes without saying that a popular cannabis dispensary is a busy place. But the needs of a dispensary are very different from those of a smoke shop. Consumers visit a dispensary to fulfill their medical needs or purchase recreational cannabis. It’s not their intention to buy a high-end glass piece or browse racks of cannabis-themed clothing.

Customer service is of the utmost concern. Addressing the needs of medical patients requires expertise and compassion. And if a dispensary is located in a state where recreational cannabis has been legalized, a large population of cannabis consumers means that operational demands are even more challenging. Furthermore, the range of cannabis products expands daily, it seems—edibles, oils, tinctures, CBD products, genetics. It takes a virtual juggler to keep that many balls in the air!

CHAMPS Dispensary+ Director Hap Kent, is sensitive to the hectic atmosphere that characterizes dispensary management. “The time of dispensary owners and managers is very limited,” he explains. “They’re preoccupied with daily operations, which includes bookkeeping, inventory, addressing the concerns of customers and handling the staff. They’re not able to fully comprehend the sales pitches and products of vendors who visit their stores. They’ll take a card or ask vendors to email them their offer, or call at a later date, but that’s where the interaction often ends.”

That’s why Dispensary+ was launched. At CHAMPS, dispensary owners can meet vendors and businesspeople that can help them realize their dreams of maximum efficiency, conducted in a friendly, non-rushed setting.

What will you find at Dispensary+? Financial services, seed banks, CBD products, networking opportunities, IT support—everything a dispensary needs to create a congenial, caring environment with the focus on profit.

Speaking of CBD, the number of companies marketing CBD-infused products on the CHAMPS trade show floor has increased dramatically. No longer are CBD items found only in dispensaries or smoke shops. They’ve entered the mainstream and consumers have taken notice. How could they not when CBD products are now shelved in natural food stores, beauty aisles, cafés and doctors offices?


The CBD products industry in 2018 was estimated to be nearly $600 million strong. And the marketplace only grows: The Hemp Business Journal forecasts that the CBD market will grow to a $2.1 billion market in consumer sales by 2020.

Whether it’s a tincture, an oil, a lotion, a vape product or the seemingly ubiquitous gummy, CHAMPS is proud to promote all reputable CBD companies and shine its bright light upon this new brand of cannabis entrepreneur.

In less than two moths, CHAMPS will open its doors to its massive summer show at the Las Vegas Convention Center (July 16-18).

CHAMPS is a B2B trade show. All cannabis industry retailers are welcome. Admission is free to qualified buyers. (Not open to the public.) For information, visit Article and entire contents credit CHAMPS TRADE SHOW