NEW !! “Source with Confidence” badge.

When buyers are your life blood it makes sense to listen very carefully when they speak. We do!

GetThatWholesale is proud to announce a brand new tool for our buyers to use.

We call it the “Source with Confidence” badge and buyers will find this new tool very useful. Over the years buyers have provided us feedback related to our directory and of course the suppliers within it. One consistent and common concern has always been the need to connect with only qualified wholesale suppliers. GetThatWholesale has always considered this a top priority and we are finishing out 2010 by taking this consideration one step further. We have implemented the “Source with Confidence” badge for suppliers that meet a higher standard of buyer sourcing safety.

So how does this work?

How are suppliers qualified for this?

Over the years GetThatWholesale has created relationships with literally thousands of suppliers. We have learned quite a bit about how they operate and more importantly how they deal with their customers (in many cases our buyers).  Buyers are what make GetThatWholesale and our network of sites so successful and as such we consider them our most important asset. With this in mind, suppliers who endeavor to earn our new “Source with Confidence” badge must complete a qualification process above what is required to simply list their companies with us. This new process greatly increases the level of communication between us and the supplier. Suppliers who cannot be reached by phone will not be approved for this new badge; furthermore those suppliers who limit their communication to only email will also be disqualified. Suppliers must be ready and willing to communicate if and when problems arise with an order, email will not suffice. will not be rewarding this behavior as it clearly demonstrates poor customer service. The same concerns are also raised whenever a supplier will not publish a business address or at the very least a PO Box on their website. These suppliers will also be excluded from receiving our badge.

Our communication experience with the supplier will also play a deciding factor in approval or denial. Many times when our quality control members reach out to a supplier for the first time they ask many of the same questions a buyer would ask. Because of this they are treated the same way the supplier treats other buyers. This experience can be very, very telling. Those suppliers who demonstrate a poor level of customer service with us will most likely do the same with a potential buyer. Again we will not be rewarding this behavior; buyers should be treated like gold. They are the reason the supplier is in business and they should never be taken for granted. Finally we will also take into consideration the feedback that we receive from you “the buyer”. Suppliers that create a lack luster track record will risk the revocation of our “Source with Confidence” badge. Redeeming this status will not be easy. If it appears that we are taking this new process seriously, WE ARE.

On the positive side suppliers that complete this process will be easy to identify, just look for the green check next to their company name and listing within our directory. We commend those suppliers and thank them for helping us to help you.

Always use good judgment and common sense whenever dealing with a new supplier.


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