Solving the Customer Returns Puzzle


One of the key strengths to a successful business in this industry is to be creative with the merchandise.

With customer returned merchandise you will see all kinds of goods come through your warehouse, everything from Electronics, Housewares, Hardware, Toys, Furniture, Clothing, Patriotic items and more.  Working with customer returns is more than knowing just your product niche; you also have to know how to sell products within a variety of quality conditions.  A truckload of customer returns will not only include a mixture of products but also a variety of product conditions including; new, open box, scratch & dent, shelf-pulls, and damaged items.  Getting creative is essential for moving not only the good products but also the less desirable products.  A common challenge that many startups have is trying to make money by focusing only on the good items without a plan for the not so good items.  It can be very challenging to move products that have missing pieces or have broken parts, but you have to remember there is a recovery value for everything.  A successful business will find an avenue for moving all the product types. For example, after you sort through the first truckload you may find several units that are missing pieces.  However, on the next truckload you may find the parts needed to complete the incomplete units from the previous load.  You could also try combining some of these poor condition products with the better selling items to help move through the inventory.  There are endless opportunities and ways to move end of life products. Having more than one resource to move your merchandise will also help you capitalize on each truckload.

If you are interested in purchasing customer returns, I would encourage you to start small by purchasing a few pallets and working your way up to buying full truckloads.  Many suppliers are more than willing to work with you in the beginning and then grow as things develop.  If they are unwilling to be flexible now you can probably expect some of the same later, try someone else.

GetThatWholesale’s Customer Returns Category is chocked full of dedicated suppliers to this industry.  They are all eager and ready to assist, ask questions and do your research before committing and please let them know we sent you 🙂

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