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Sourcing Wholesale 101 – NEW E-Book !!! Goes to the Presses with Informative New E-Book

GetThatWholesale is putting pen to paper or should we say, keystroke to E-Book. The new book titled “Sourcing Wholesale 101” is a beginner’s guide to wholesale and will assist new comers to the industry.

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Sourcing Wholesale 101

Sourcing Wholesale 101

Quote startThe book is centered around the basics, it covers many of the most common questions, like what’s the difference between a Customer Return and a Closeout?, it might sound simple to those of us inside the industry but to others it can be quite confusing.Quote end

Bethel, Connecticut (PRWEB) August 08, 2012

Individuals interested in the wholesale marketplace will now have one more resource at their fingertips; an E-Book published by titled “Sourcing Wholesale 101”. As the name of the book suggests this is a beginner’s guide to wholesale. The book is intended to help those with little to no knowledge of the wholesale industry. GetThatWholesale has been providing retailers with easy and direct access to literally thousands of qualified wholesale suppliers for over 6 years. “During the last year and a half we have received quite an increase in new comers to this industry” said Robert Light President & CEO of GetThatWholesale. “They have lots of questions and most are unsure as to how they can get started. Many of these new comers are highly motivated individuals who fell off the corporate ladder, were laid off or are just looking for additional income. It was in response to this market that I wrote the book”. Light went on to say that the book is not intended to cover every aspect of wholesale, “The book is centered around the basics, it covers many of the most common questions, like what’s the difference between a Customer Return and a Closeout?, it might sound simple to those of us inside the industry but to others it can be quite confusing.”

The new book is just the latest offering in a long line of helpful resources at The website offers a wholesale directory with over 60 different product categories all neatly categorized and chocked full of wholesale suppliers. Online wholesale buyers can browse the directory for free and connect with any of the suppliers within; those same suppliers can list their company for free providing they are qualified. Suppliers who desire increased response can purchase advertising in the form of banners, keywords or premium placement. The website has grown in leaps and bounds since its original launch in 2006 and to date offers buyers an entire network of sites, seven sites in total all of which were created to help the buyer and supplier connect. “This book represents one more tool we are offering the wholesale buyer, being prepared and well informed is half the battle to success.” said Fred Mills Vice President of Sales and Business Development.

Included chapters discuss wholesale terminology and the differences between various suppliers, for example the difference between a manufacturer and drop shipper. Also discussed are the many different product industries, closeouts, consumables and knockoffs to name a few. New retailers must be knowledgeable about what they are buying, without this knowledge they might as well be playing roulette with their money. Avoiding shady suppliers or just knowing its good practice to place a smaller test purchase first can be critical to a retailer’s bottom line. The book encourages readers to learn from those who have already achieved success, a chapter called “Tips from Industry Leaders” highlights several handpicked and highly successful suppliers, their insight is invaluable to new buyers. For those buyers interested in purchasing products overseas the process can be very intimidating, the book includes a chapter on this as well. Gaining the knowledge to import products or branching out into a different product industry can be very prosperous if done correctly, it’s definitely not rocket science but there are do’s and don’ts.

The wholesale industry can seem confusing and riddled with pitfalls, this book hopes to dispel some myths and provide new retailers with an excellent stepping stone. “Sourcing Wholesale 101” offers unique insight into the the world of wholesale providing just enough information to get new retailers moving in the right direction. Those who would like to purchase the book can do so at or through Amazon.

Media Contact:
Robert Light
888-358-7822 x703

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