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Splatter campaigns don’t work

Has your company ever received an email about something completely foreign to your business? Let’s say you specialize in providing a service, maybe a great new system to quickly keep track of product inventory. That’s it, this service is all you do, nothing more or less. Your world revolves around providing this great new inventory tracker to businesses. Your website includes an about us page clearly talking about your love for this inventory tracking service and how it is your sole driving factor in today’s market. So why would you receive an email from someone asking if you need a better way to transport your products? Or another email offering a service that will photograph your products for online promotion? Or, another inquiry asking if you have the right packing materials for shipping your products? None of these are services you can use, a simple glance at your website would tell any would be sender this, so why are you getting these anyways?


The reason you are receiving these inquires is simple, the senders DON’T CARE WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU DO, and they are simply fishing with a splatter attack on hundreds if not thousands of emails hoping for a bite. They know nothing about you or your business nor have they visited your website. If they had they would know you don’t carry product and that reaching out to you would be a waste of time. The fact of the matter is they just don’t care, it’s not worth their time to learn about your company, it’s a numbers game and they know if they send 10K emails they might get a single yes.

Let’s call this what it is, it’s annoying SPAM. We all deal with it and the problem has become so large we have begun to tolerate it. It’s like 5 o’clock traffic, we know it will be there each and every day and we cannot escape it no matter how hard we try. We just grin and bear it. But, wait…you can click that little report spam button and they problem will be solved right? Nope, the very next day you have a new email from the same sender starting all over again.

So do these splatter campaigns work really? NOPE, the return on these types of splatter campaigns is miserable. If these senders spent time looking into their target market and reaching out to those truly in need of their product or service they would perform well and above these splatter campaigns. But, hey these splatter campaigns are easy and the latter would be hard work right? Yes, it would be harder to target your market but then your rewards would be greater, you wouldn’t be pissing people off in the process either. By the way, not pissing off others is a good start to any marketing program.

If you are hoping some new kind of spam laws will finally put an end to this type of behavior don’t hold your breath, when was the last time you heard of someone in trouble for sending spam? Most likely never, until there are direct consequences for this type of behavior these lazy spammers will stayed glued to their arms chairs, laptop in one hand and doughnuts in the other……