Just passing along an opportunity to save!!!

Below is the email we received from Skip McGrath, if you are not familiar with his website, works or resources you should be. Right now he is providing a special discount code for subscribers to his newsletter, we are happy to pass this along to you. This is […]

Competing with Amazon? says YES

Ecommerce start up launched only 3 weeks ago, their long term goal is to compete with retail e-commerce giant Amazon. Is this even possible? co-founder Marc Lore says it is and he is leading the effort to get there. For starters is seeking a 2 billion dollar valuation, that’s “B” for billion […]

Diary of an EBay Non-Believer

Recently we received this interesting account from a first time seller to EBay.

As many of our users have experience with EBay we thought this may be of interest to you. Here it is. (We have not edited this)

Diary of an EBay Non-Believer

“I have a car for sale, I will sell […]