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ASD Market Week announces continuation of their successful TWO FOR TUESDAY collaboration


Easy Transportation & Access to Both Shows on Tuesday, July 31
LAS VEGAS, July 26, 2018… Las Vegas Market and  – on Tuesday, July 31,
2018, in Las Vegas – bringing together the collective resources of two major tradeshows and
thousands of resources. The fourth edition of TWO FOR TUESDAY provides buyers with free
and continuous shuttle service between the two exhibit venues – the Las Vegas Convention
Center and World Market Center Las Vegas – as well as free access to both wholesale markets.
“ASD Market Week is thrilled to be collaborating with Las Vegas Market once again to
offer buyers the two-for-one show access between our markets,” said Camille Candella, Vice
President of Sales & Marketing, Emerald Expositions. “We are committed to providing the retail
industry with a market week filled with buying opportunities. In working together, ASD and Las
Vegas Market provide retailers a greater return on their shopping investment when coming to
Las Vegas. They will have access to thousands of gift and home vendors across both shows as
well as suppliers of fashion accessories, jewelry, and general merchandise, ultimately making
their buying trip much more successful.”

Las Vegas Market features lifestyle-oriented and design-driven gift and home décor
products across all price points. ASD features great impulse buys and high margin opportunities
in Fashion, Gifts, Novelties and more. Together, the two events present more than 4,800 unique
resources for buyers. Minimal overlap between ASD’s exhibitors and Las Vegas Market’s
permanent showrooms and temporary exhibits creates an unparalleled incremental buying
opportunity for global retailers across differentiated, but related, categories.
“Since we launched TWO FOR TUESDAY in 2015, it has been an added benefit at no
additional cost for Las Vegas Market buyers and suppliers,” said Dorothy Belshaw, President of
Gift Leasing & Chief Marketing Officer, International Market Centers. “This continuing
partnership with ASD is a win-win for our customers – buyers can access additional resources
and exhibitors gain exposure to new channels of distribution – and increases the return on
investment for buyer and suppliers alike.”

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5 Days, 5 Cities: ASD Hits the Road to Celebrate Small Business Week & Retail

April 24, 2018

LOS ANGELES, April 2018 – In Celebration of National Small Business Week 2018, ASD Market Week and Hubba team up and take Retail Minded’s Nicole Reyhle on the road to celebrate success of thriving local retailers in 5 select cities across the U.S.

As part of National Small Business Week, ASD, the leading general merchandise trade show in the U.S., in partnership with Hubba, will be joining forces with global thought leader Nicole Reyhle of Retail Minded, to celebrate the growing role of small businesses in the next generation of commerce.

“We’re excited to bring retail front and center during Small Business Week and highlight some of the amazing, hard-working small business owners who attend ASD Market Week,” shares Camille Candella, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for ASD Market Week.

Joining Nicole on the road will be Amy Corral (Buyer Acquisition Manager), as well as a representative from Hubba. Collectively, they will deliver real-time updates direct from retail stores and communities across the country – offering small business info, news, and ideas.

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Trade Show QUICK TIPS for Buyers & Exhibitors

With the upcoming March ASD/AMD we have aimed this topic at all those who will be attending the show. Trade Shows can be highly successful or down right dismal in their performance. Many factors are outside your control however some key points outlined below can help to ensure your next show has a greater chance of success.


EXHIBITOR TIP #1 – Know why you’re going?

Are you a brand new company looking to get your name out in the industry? Do you have a new and improved specialty product? Have you recently launched a brand new website and want to get the word out? Know why you are attending and focus your team, booth features and promotional items accordingly. Make your message as simple as possible.  Presenting every single feature your company has to offer within your moderate sized booth space may confuse a potential buyer instead of exciting them. Use your company’s hook to get the buyer interested, what makes your company different? Once the buyer shows some interest you can then offer them additional details through hand outs or promotional material. This way you will ensure the highest quality prospects are getting your materials and they are not just being thrown into the next available trash can. With clear objectives your chances for success are much higher.

EXHIBITOR TIP #2 – Who is your audience?

If you are considering a booth for an upcoming trade show you MUST determine if your targeted market is likely to attend. Speak to others within your industry who have already exhibited at the show. Their feedback can be very valuable but remember they are also likely to be your competitors so get a second opinion. Call the trade show office and ask them how they are attracting buyers, they should be ready and willing to explain. If they seem unwilling to divulge this information than it’s time to move on to another show. You will want a clear idea as to what types of buyers will be passing your booth prior to committing to a show. Based on previous shows you should be able to estimate expected buyer turn out as well. Knowing that your specific buyers will be there is half the battle to having a very successful show.

BUYER TIP #1 – Knowledge is power!

Plan your trip ahead of time, this will allow you to arrive as prepared as possible. You will want to use your time effectively while at the show, having advance knowledge of exhibitors and booth layouts will be most helpful in achieving this goal.  Most venues will provide you with access to an exhibitors list, the upcoming ASD show provides an easy to navigate online directory of their exhibitors.  We are posting a link here to help get you started.  Many shows offer valuable demonstrations and workshops, these can also offer valuable networking opportunities as well.  Plan to plan ahead and you will avoid wasting valuable time!

BUYER TIP #2 – Ask questions, then ask some more.

Being at the show provides you with hands on access to the industry’s hottest new products.  Many times this is your first impression of a company and what they can offer your business.  Remember that your goal is always to make a qualified decision before purchase, understand everything you are committing to prior to the sale.  You NEED to ask questions.  Write down a list of 5-10 questions you know you will want to ask each prospective supplier, take notes while at the show and don’t worry if you can’t finalize on the spot.  You may want to take some time to reflect on everything prior to finalizing a purchase.  Many exhibitors will offer “show only” specials, be sure to keep this in mind when making your decisions.

Good luck at the show!!!!

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LOS ANGELES, CA (July 2, 2013)—ASD, the show that brings the world’s widest variety of merchandise together in one show announced their 2-day educational series with IMA (Internet Merchant Association) that will be featured at its upcoming show, August 4-7, 2013, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Underlining ASD’s commitment to providing the most valuable and productive experience possible to every show participant, ASD & IMA’s educational track will provide retailers insight on increasing sales, creating an ultimate sales team, leveraging social media and tips to grow their business.

The idea behind ASD’s “Learn & Earn” sessions is designed to keep retailers on top of buying trends, e-commerce, social media and other issues that impact their business.  The 2-day ASD & IMA sessions track are free to all registrants of the ASD show. ASD will have a lineup of 10 sessions with a wide variety of topics including popular speaker, Jon Goldman, “Maximum Social Marketing, Minimum Time” and James Hsieh, “How to Properly Use Google Advertising to Quickly Increase Sales for your Website”, as well as new speaker, Suzy Teele, “Holiday Event Marketing: The Secrets to Busy Sidewalks”. IMA will also have a schedule of returning speakers, Mike Effle, “Branding YOU. Get Out of the Shadows and Build Your Own Brand” and Rick Wilson, “So You Want to Be an E-commerce Seller? 10 Things You Need to Know Before You Start”. An overview schedule of each session is as follows: