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CHAMPS announces new dates for Atlantic City Show!

*For Immediate Release*CHAMPS-Ranger-Logo-HiRez

(Los Angeles) -CHAMPS Trade Shows, the world’s largest counter culture business to business expo, announces the dates for their Atlantic City show – May 19-21, 2015. Come see top rated exhibitors showing the latest and greatest products for the smoke shop industry as well as live glass blowing, giveaways and raffles including the “250 for 250” giveaway where CHAMPS will be handing out $250* to the first 250 buyers that attend the show.

The Atlantic City show will also feature the CHAMPS Glass Games Emerging Artist Invitational. 16 of the east coast’s most promising emerging glass artists will compete for 3 coveted spots in the 2016 Masters Finals. Also up for grabs is over $16,000 in cash and prizes including $5,000 worth of glass from Golden Gate Glassworks. 1st place – $5,000. 2nd place – $3,500. 3rd place – $2,500. Any glass artists interested in being considered for the competition should contact Bob Cogan at or 818-905-3232.

Atlantic City will also see the continuation of CHAMPS popular new promotion, Independent Smoke Shops. In this exciting promotion CHAMPS is spending over $50,000 to place print ads in the local newspapers of the participating smoke shop’s local paper. To date there have been ads printed in over 20 newspapers and periodicals across the country. In addition to the print ads, the Independent Smoke Shops promotion runs ads on social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And it’s all FREE! To be part of the promotion just pre-register for and attend CHAMPS May 2015 Atlantic City show. Go to for more information.

To pre-register as a buyer, get information on how to exhibit or to get any other information about CHAMPS go to or call 818-855-1528.

*Qualified buyers only. Paid in CHAMPS Buyers Bucks. Call for more details.​








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But you said it was FREE ??

In today’s tough economy the term free has the ability to grab ones attention quite quickly.Wholesale buyers seem to be reaching their bottom lines sooner than expected these days. Any opportunity to extend that bottom line with free benefits is always well appreciated. Well it seems as though some are capitalizing on this attractive and flashy term although not with
good intentions.
With almost 5,000 qualified wholesale suppliers already connected within our network buyers can find quick success sourcing products. Buyers using our network will be pleasantly surprised, our supplier listings are real and not the usual ad-sense so often found on other sites. Buyers are encouraged to find and source form suppliers, there are no registration fees or annoying forms to fill out, simply find a supplier and start sourcing, that’s it!

We have all become accustomed to the internet’s common pitfalls, spam, loss of privacy, fraud and the list goes on. With all of that we can now add word impersonation to the list. So how does it work you ask? Easy, simply throw that attractive and flashy ‘FREE’ anywhere and everywhere you want. Here’s a good example, you visit a site that promises to help increase your business. They appear to be able to do it all and you realize it’s your lucky day when you notice they will let you join for ‘FREE’. Like most of us you’re thinking, great! I mean what’s better than free. Ok, you click through to take advantage of that attractive and flashy ‘FREE’ and WHAM! It’s gone, there is no free, nothing even close to free and instead the website asks you to pay. You click away mumbling beneath your breath about what a waste of time that was. Now start browsing again and repeat process.

‘FREE’ is cropping up all over the net and in truth it has really always been here. The current economy has just made this ruse sting a bit more than usual.

I guess we could all simply stop clicking on that attractive and flashy free link every time it pops up. We could avoid this joy to disappointment routine altogether. Unfortunately if we did that we would miss out on those opportunities that are in fact actually FREE. That’s right FREE does exist among the sea of impersonators. It may be difficult to spot but when found it can be very satisfying indeed.

So do your best to avoid those worthless impersonators and take advantage of those authentic free opportunities every chance you get.

Here’s one to get you started. broke the mold when they offered qualified suppliers FREE inclusion and FREE access to the largest audience of wholesale suppliers on the web. NO membership fees, NO pay-per click banks to fill, free is free.

Get listed for FREE today. (Go ahead and click FREE, it really is)

We are a green company that is proud to be pay-per click and membership free.

Visit GetThatWholesale Today!

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Go from Ordinary to EXTRAordinary – Soft Selling Success

As a business to business resource we are directly centered within a whirlwind of sales.  A simple online search can result in countless strategies for selling, whether you are in retail sales, phone sales or the age old door to door sales knowing how best to close your prospect should be very important to you.  From time to time we come across information that simply must be shared.  We are not paid in any way to promote this information, we simply find it to be very cool and specifically important to our industry.  This is one of those times.

Mark D. Csordos is the author of Selling Entrepreneur Style.  Mark has been featured within Vogue, Entrepreneur and The New York Times, Mark now shares his “soft sell” approach with anyone who sells for a living.


Topics within the book include:

  • Prospecting for clients
  • How to set sales goals you’ll actually achieve
  • How to overcome the rejection all sales people encounter
  • How to know when to walk away from a prospect
  • How to let the prospect feel in charge while you guide the process
  • How to close the deal……and much more!

Mark’s book is available through Amazon and can be found HERE

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Obamacare in need of CPR

The new Healthcare laws are causing some serious problems, American business owners are facing an unorganized mess of legal questions, fines, implementation requirements etc.  Americans in general are facing cancellation notices from their insurance providers in their mailboxes.  Could anyone have predicted this mess?  Well it just so happens many did predict this would happen.  The Nay Sayers of this new health care reform were brushed off, ignored or labeled.  Too bad for America because so far they have been dead accurate.


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Black Friday is COMING on Thursday ?

For many shoppers Black Friday represents the absolute best opportunity to grab the season’s hottest deals.  The chaos and melee that ensues upon the doorstep of big box retailers each and every year is just par for the course, some might say they look forward to the battle within the isles.  Black Friday is something that truly lacks proper description and can only be experienced firsthand.  This year will be no different however this year’s Black Friday is going to start just a bit earlier.  I guess we could call this Grey Thursday?

black friday madness

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ASD Trade Show to Welcome Independent Retailer Conference to March 2014 Show




ASD Trade Show to Welcome Independent Retailer Conference to March 2014 Show

Geneva, IL (September 3, 2013) – The nation’s largest consumer merchandise trade show, the ASD Show, will welcome the nation’s only conference dedicated entirely to independent retailers, the Independent Retailer Conference, to their March 16-19, 2013 show held in Las Vegas.

“We’re excited to bring expert education and trusted support uniquely for independent retailers to our upcoming show, providing the thousands of independent retailers who attend each ASD Show a valuable experience to help their stores further succeed,” explained ASD Show Marketing Director Camille Candella.

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ReStores ? What’s that all about?

Habitat for Humanity ReStores are nonprofit home improvement stores and donation centers that sell new and gently used furniture, home accessories, building materials, and appliances to the public at a fraction of the retail price.  Habitat for Humanity ReStores are proudly owned and operated by local Habitat for Humanity affiliates, and proceeds are used to build homes, community, and hope locally and around the world.


You can FIND your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore HERE is proud to be partnered with and promoting Habitat for Humanity


ASD Announces NEW Sourcing Event !!

Los Angeles, CA (April 15, 2013) — ASD Show announces they are rolling out a new sourcing event alongside their flagship show-ASD Las Vegas, August 4-7, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event will offer Importers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Designers, and Production Professionals a dedicated sourcing show to meet face-to-face with contract manufacturers & factories from around the globe at the world’s largest consumer-goods show.


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More Bad News for The Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show

The Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show (ESOS) bills itself as the largest consumer event of its kind in North America.  The show set in Harrisburg PA focuses on hunting and fishing products, sport and camping gear, fishing boats, RV’s, SUV’s and more.  Everything related to the good ole outdoors and the traditional past times joined with it under one roof.


I Wear My Sunglasses at Night

Wearing sunglasses at night is a huge turn off for most people.  No one likes a poser, but poser or not there are dangers lurking in the shadows other than thieves and murderers.

Most people don’t give their eyes a second thought when going out at night.  Why would anyone?  It’s dark, the sun is out of sight.  The only problem this presents is the fact that the sun is not the only source of harmful UV rays. It’s true that they daylight offers the most damaging effects, but harmful UV rays can come from man made light.
We’ve all been there, driving along the road when an oncoming car approaches.  They refuse to turn off their high beams.  Or worse, they are using blue headlights.  Although there are legal forms of the blue headlights there are also many people who use illegal painted on blue lights, which are even more dangerous for your eyes.  There is no way to avoid running into these vehicles, going out at night will eventually land you in your car staring into oncoming UV rays.
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