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Are You in the KEYWORD Driver Seat?

If you’re like most business owners you take great care in selecting your keywords. After all, these keywords are valuable doorways for buyers to find their way straight to your products. In a perfect world, you are at the wheel deciding which keywords are most profitable for your business.

Over the last year an unfortunate trend has surfaced, we will call this “keyword stacking”. Basically it works like this. You decide to create a ppc account and start selecting your keywords. You choose search terms like “wholesale t-shirts”, “baseball hats ” and “leather jackets”; you’re choosing specific product lines that your company offers. Ok, so far so good. Now you place a deposit in your account and wait for the clicks to come rolling in. Here’s where the keyword stacking takes place, the ppc website that you’re using goes in and adds an extremely general keyword, like “products”.  Instead of presenting to just your targeted market your company is now presented to buyers who may have no interest whatsoever in what you offer, basically worthless and non-productive clicks. Every one of those clicks cost your company valuable funds, those funds should have been directed at a much more qualified buyer, a buyer interested in your types of products. So how can you prevent this from happening to you? Many advertisers have steered clear of ppc altogether, others work with only trusted websites.  Closely monitoring your advertising is critical to measuring success or failure. Some ppc sites provide clients with their own specialized tools for monitoring. If you ask me though, that’s a little like having the fox watch the hen house. There are also many different solutions online that will provide you with specialized tracking information, some are even free!


Now before all the ppc websites gather up their pitch forks and torches allow me to clarify. Not all ppc websites are bad, many have only their client’s best interest at heart. Advertisers should use good common sense, check in on your keywords often. Frequent monitoring will not only allow you to make sure your keywords are accurate but it’s a great opportunity to update according to market trends and any new product lines you may be offering. This way you will be driving not only your keywords but real qualified buyers as well!