A Curious Tale of Athletic Shoes

The modern sneaker has its roots in sailing and tire manufacturers. In 1892 the Goodyear company, who made shoes long before they started making tires introduced a type of shoe similar to a canvas covered rubber soled shoe manufactured in the nineteenth century intended for use aboard boats where hard soled shoes were a danger […]

GetThatWholesale promotes at IRCE 2009′

GetThatWholesale.com presented its wholesale directory model to internet retailers and suppliers alike at the fifth annual IRCE 2009. The event held at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center June 15-19 was truly a beneficial show to attend. Through an exclusive partnership agreement GetThatWholesale.com is the Official Wholesaler Directory for Internet Retailer.


GTW-Big plans for 2009′

Almost all of us have experienced the frustration of irrelevant search results when seeking items of interest online. It is begrudgingly excepted as an unavoidable speed bump while surfing the Internet highway. What recourse do we really have? We simply bow to the Internet search God’s having their will imposed upon us.

GetThatWholesale.com has removed […]