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Wholesale.FM Gives Suppliers a Voice – Literally.

The online directory has added a new audio dimension to its network of wholesale supply industry websites. Small business and retail store owners looking for a competitive edge will now have a new tool in the box to consider and on the other side of the much sought after coin suppliers will have a new way to reach out to potential customers and literally give their companies a voice.

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Jeez, Now I Gotta Study About Backpacks!

For those considering retailing backpacks deciding which types to carry can be daunting. While many people may say, “Are you kidding me? A bag to hold things and straps for the shoulders and bam you’ve got a backpack.”  Unfortunately it’s not that simple. People use backpacks for different purposes and expect them to be suited to those specific purposes.

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Diary of an EBay Non-Believer

Recently we received this interesting account from a first time seller to EBay.

As many of our users have experience with EBay we thought this may be of interest to you. Here it is. (We have not edited this)

Diary of an EBay Non-Believer

“I have a car for sale, I will sell it on EBay I thought. I logged onto my EBay account of which up until now had been used for only for 10 total purchases. These purchases were spread out over the last ten years. I have 100% positive feedback from the sellers I have purchased from. This would be my very first time attempting to sell an item, well in this case a car. I followed the listing process quite easily and placed the vehicle into an auction as well as a classified ad. I decided to buy several of the upgraded features as well to enhance my listing. I went with the bolded text and colored background. My item was featured so buyers would see it first. Prior to placing the ads I researched the vehicles value; I based this on several factors including similar make/models for sale on EBay as well as the blue book value. My asking price was reasonable…or so I thought.

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Is Spam affecting more than just your inbox?

Many of us have become accustom to the Monday morning ritual of sending those annoying spam emails to the trash. Although today’s spam filters have grown bigger muscles there are always that few that find a way to slip threw. Spammers use clever and unique ways to try to get us to open their emails, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Let’s face it we all have fewer hours in the day in order to complete that ever growing to do list. Opening emails that have nothing to do with anything related to our businesses can be very annoying. But has spam done more than fill our trash bins? Many believe it has, could it be affecting us in negative ways that we don’t even realize?

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NEW !! “Source with Confidence” badge.

When buyers are your life blood it makes sense to listen very carefully when they speak. We do!

GetThatWholesale is proud to announce a brand new tool for our buyers to use.

We call it the “Source with Confidence” badge and buyers will find this new tool very useful. Over the years buyers have provided us feedback related to our directory and of course the suppliers within it. One consistent and common concern has always been the need to connect with only qualified wholesale suppliers. GetThatWholesale has always considered this a top priority and we are finishing out 2010 by taking this consideration one step further. We have implemented the “Source with Confidence” badge for suppliers that meet a higher standard of buyer sourcing safety.