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Liquidation Lots From The Home Depot Offer Great Profit Potential

Liquidation Lots From The Home Depot Offer Great Profit Potential
Special Discounts for Buyers in the Southwestern U.S. readers who buy and sell liquidation lots can now expand into the profitable home improvement category.  Brand-name DIY products are now available directly from The Home Depot through its primary liquidation partner, GENCO Marketplace.

Check out this 3-minute video on Home Depot liquidation lots.

Special Discount For Buyers in the Southwest

Variety of Product Categories
Prices for Home Depot store returns lots are well below wholesale and products are ideal for the large market of do-it-yourself (DIY) consumers.   Many of the products are in the original box.  Lot sizes range from a few pallets to a truckload, and buyers can purchase different categories of product.  The more popular sorts include:
•    Hardware lots, which could include power tools and hand tools.
•    Lighting lots, which could include lamps, fixtures and ceilings fans.
•    Plumbing lots, which have products like showers, faucets, and pipes
•    Small appliance lots, which might include dehumidifiers, microwaves, and vacuum cleaners.

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Maximize Profits When You Buy Closeouts

If you are planning to start out a business but do not yet know what to engage into, you should take into considerations the possibilities of retailing closeouts. Many people would buy closeouts simply because they are cheap and if you would really spend enough time rummaging through the stocks, you can always find good quality merchandize somewhere among the heaps. Closeouts are actually one of the best ways to stock your store as you can buy closeouts are minimal cost and sell it a double or three times the price depending on the condition of the item.