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Increasing Profit within the Secondary Market

Every year over half a million businesses are created in the United States.  Approximately one third of these start-ups are retail businesses.  A large portion of these businesses will focus on the “Secondary Market”. This marketplace offers great advantages and high rewards but you need to be well prepared.  Finding the right supplier to source products from is critical.

Secondary Market products consist of Closeouts, Surplus Goods, Customer Returns, Liquidated Items, and any product that is not sold after its initial manufacture. Many companies specialize in secondary market purchases and reselling.  Resellers might experience some level of unsellable merchandise in these types of wholesale orders but not always.  Retailers will be hard pressed to find a cheaper source of merchandise than secondary market items and these products can be a great way to turn a profit.

Working within the Secondary Market is more than knowing just your product niche; you also have to know how to sell products with a variety of quality conditions.  Getting creative is essential for moving not only the good products but also the less desirable ones.  A good strategy is to start small by purchasing a few pallets and working your way up to buying full truckloads.  If buying smaller loads is an obstacle, you might need to consider your source. Remember, where you get your products is just as important as what you get, especially when sourcing surplus goods.

To gain additional insight into this industry we spoke with Michael Lawrence of  His company represents one of the fastest growing marketplaces for Surplus Merchandise.  

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Jacobs Trading Company Offering Customer Returns Truckloads

Now Available – Full Truckloads of Retail Store Customer Returns readers who have been buying and selling customer return merchandise and are looking to expand their business, now have the opportunity to source merchandise by the truckloads.  If you have been buying pallets and small lots of returns and need more products and better pricing, Get That Wholesale has found the source for you.

Jacobs Trading Company has been offering many of the top retailer’s returns across the United States for over 40 years.  Product categories are only offered by the Full Truckload, giving you the most potential for profits.

Brand Name Products Categories Include:

  • General Merchandise
  • Appliances
  • Cookware
  • Domestics
  • Electronics
  • Heaters
  • Furniture
  • Housewares
  • Power Wheels and Ride on Toys
  • Rugs
  • Seasonal Truckloads (Christmas and Halloween)
  • Sporting Goods
  • Tools
  • Toys

Buyers have the ability to purchase mixed merchandise truckloads or full loads of single category products.

Jacobs Trading Company has distribution facilities strategically located across the country to provide its customers with maximum logistics efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Liquidation Lots From The Home Depot Offer Great Profit Potential

Liquidation Lots From The Home Depot Offer Great Profit Potential
Special Discounts for Buyers in the Southwestern U.S. readers who buy and sell liquidation lots can now expand into the profitable home improvement category.  Brand-name DIY products are now available directly from The Home Depot through its primary liquidation partner, GENCO Marketplace.

Check out this 3-minute video on Home Depot liquidation lots.

Special Discount For Buyers in the Southwest

Variety of Product Categories
Prices for Home Depot store returns lots are well below wholesale and products are ideal for the large market of do-it-yourself (DIY) consumers.   Many of the products are in the original box.  Lot sizes range from a few pallets to a truckload, and buyers can purchase different categories of product.  The more popular sorts include:
•    Hardware lots, which could include power tools and hand tools.
•    Lighting lots, which could include lamps, fixtures and ceilings fans.
•    Plumbing lots, which have products like showers, faucets, and pipes
•    Small appliance lots, which might include dehumidifiers, microwaves, and vacuum cleaners.

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Innovating the Liquidation Load Purchasing Process

Via Trading’s Buyer-Centric Solution to Obtaining Manifested Liquidation Inventory

In June 2012, Via Trading launched the Load Center – a unique online database of liquidation loads and manifests – and one of the first of its kind in the liquidation industry.
Via Trading is thrilled to announce the launch of the Load Center, a complete list of our full and partial truckloads, manifested pallets, case lots and opportunistic deals.  For the first time, liquidation buyers worldwide can gain free access to hundreds of available loads at a glance on one screen, streamlining the wholesale purchasing process considerably.

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GENCO Marketplace Wins Exclusive Contract to Liquidate Returns for The Home Depot


Release Date: For Immediate Release

Contact: Don Rendulic, GENCO ATC, 412-820-3922

GENCO Marketplace Wins Exclusive Contract

to Liquidate Returns for The Home Depot

Home Improvement Inventory Available

In Truckload and Pallet Quantities

Genco Exclusive Partners with Home Depot

PITTSBURGH, Pa., February 27, 2012 – GENCO ATC, North America’s second largest logistics provider, today announced that its liquidation subsidiary, GENCO Marketplace, has won an exclusive contract to liquidate store returns from The Home Depot stores.  Products are available in truckload and pallet quantities to other liquidators and secondary market resellers.


Latest Interview : Arnold Heckman of Cannaline.

CLICK HERE for our Exclusive interview with Arnold Heckman of Cannaline

Cannaline is the only wholesale container company specifically dedicated to serving the medical marijuana jars/cannabis industry. Their staff has a deep familiarity with the special needs of the industry that cannot be matched by any general purpose packaging company. Cannaline packages much more securely than other companies, greatly reducing breakage. They offer labor and money saving features that are needed by the industry, i.e. “best practices” lids and bags, and small minimums for custom printed containers. Cannaline is the only container company that offers a limited lifetime warranty on our jars and money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.

Arnold Heckman, Owner of Cannaline talks to Kevin Gallagher of Wholesale.FM on the Wholesale Personal Container Industry.

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Jeez, Now I Gotta Study About Backpacks!

For those considering retailing backpacks deciding which types to carry can be daunting. While many people may say, “Are you kidding me? A bag to hold things and straps for the shoulders and bam you’ve got a backpack.”  Unfortunately it’s not that simple. People use backpacks for different purposes and expect them to be suited to those specific purposes.

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Diary of an EBay Non-Believer

Recently we received this interesting account from a first time seller to EBay.

As many of our users have experience with EBay we thought this may be of interest to you. Here it is. (We have not edited this)

Diary of an EBay Non-Believer

“I have a car for sale, I will sell it on EBay I thought. I logged onto my EBay account of which up until now had been used for only for 10 total purchases. These purchases were spread out over the last ten years. I have 100% positive feedback from the sellers I have purchased from. This would be my very first time attempting to sell an item, well in this case a car. I followed the listing process quite easily and placed the vehicle into an auction as well as a classified ad. I decided to buy several of the upgraded features as well to enhance my listing. I went with the bolded text and colored background. My item was featured so buyers would see it first. Prior to placing the ads I researched the vehicles value; I based this on several factors including similar make/models for sale on EBay as well as the blue book value. My asking price was reasonable…or so I thought.

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Check Out Jacobs Trading

Are you looking for great Wholesale Bargains?  Do you sell merchandise at flea markets, online, or a discount store?  Well you have probably heard about sourcing department store customer returns and overstocks and want to get in on the act.

In case you’re confused about the term; customer returns are defined as any merchandise that has been returned back to the retail store by a consumer due to any number of reasons that could include, minor defects, buyer’s remorse, broken, or missing parts.  This merchandise is then resold in the secondary market by salvage wholesale suppliers at extraordinary discounts.
Step one is finding a reliable supplier.

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China pitfalls


Did you know that the recession is over? Apparently it ended back in June of 2009.  According to The National Bureau of Economic Research the longest and deepest down turn for the American economy has finally subsided. Well that really is a relief however it does not erase the damage that has been done. The cold hard reality is that many business owners are still struggling to stay afloat, many cutting corners that they never dreamed of cutting before.