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Wholesale.FM Gives Suppliers a Voice – Literally.

The online directory has added a new audio dimension to its network of wholesale supply industry websites. Small business and retail store owners looking for a competitive edge will now have a new tool in the box to consider and on the other side of the much sought after coin suppliers will have a new way to reach out to potential customers and literally give their companies a voice.

Wholesale.FM will offer users the chance to hear professionally produced interviews with wholesale supply industry leaders, owners, and experts on a variety of topics related to the business community. Interview subjects will provide retailers with a rare glimpse behind the marketing and canned emails and really hear from the people that make up the wholesale marketplace. Recent interviews have included the eBay retailing expert and author Skip McGrath as well as the marketing director of the wholesale sword and knife distributor Master Cutlery.

The catalog of interviews is only half of the story. Through a link on flag ship site any listed company will be able to record a thirty second message without cost and using no special software of their own. They just click a button and a recorder opens ready to create their message. The supplier can then review and change their message if needed before committing to it.

The audio file will be both stored on Wholesale.FM in an archive and available in their listing. A microphone icon will show visitors that a recorded message exists and a click will allow them to hear about special deals or just about any other tidbit that might help them make a more informed buying decision.

The recorded messages provide suppliers a chance to inform customers and potential customers about specials deals, changes in policy, or just send out appreciative communiques and company news. Over time will add instructional audio clips that will include how-tos on getting a retail business off the ground, doing your taxes, and the like.

“We are confident that we are clearing new ground in our industry.” said GetThatWholesale’s president and founder Robert Light. “It’s amazing no one has thought of this before. New leads, more information, and unique opportunities are the elements that make businesses grow. will provide retailers with a better and more convenient tool for learning about the suppliers and provide suppliers with a low cost, effective new way to reach their customers.”

He went on to praise the work of interviewer, Kevin Gallagher. “We are very proud of the professionalism Kevin brings to our interviews. He has many years of radio and TV experience interviewing community leaders and entertainers. Add in an excellent knowledge of our industry and we simply couldn’t have found a better choice to be the voice of” joins the growing network of GetThatWholesale’s sites including the wholesale directories and,, a wholesale industry forum, and the flea market directory

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