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GetThatWholesale Newsletter July, 2020

The proverb you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar means it is much easier to get what you want by being polite rather than by being rude. A simple concept but one sometimes lost between businesses competing for the same market. We have all been there, that moment when a salesperson starts slinging mud at the other guy, these conversations can be awkward and even uncomfortable. This type of behavior says A LOT more about the one talking than it does about the one being talked about.

So, what if have nothing good to say about your competition? well, then you should simply say nothing at all. The alternative is much less appealing, when you sling mud you always end up getting dirty yourself, you can be perceived as a complainer, a whiner, maybe even a mean spirited person, none of these traits are good for promoting sales.

So, the next time your competitor is mentioned in a sales call you might handle things like this, I am very familiar with Company B, there are many differences between us, allow me to highlight some of the reasons our clients choose us. Now get back to talking about YOUR business, keep the conversation positive, focus on your products and services, because that is the point.

Here is a fun fact: When you talk about people behind their backs, the folks listening imagine you will do the same to them. Not a very good look.

Remember, what goes around comes around, hopefully what you got coming is GOOD!

Competitors can even become partners: GTW Partners Page

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At Via Trading, our priority is building long-term relationships with our customers. To this end, we always want to make sure to get the right product into our customers' hands based on their specific business needs, and we strive to understand all customers' needs prior to fulfilling orders. Via Trading has over 30,000 active customers- both individuals working from home and/or established businesses with a larger purchasing power.

Clothing - Toys - Tools - Cosmetics - Housewares & Much More.

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Via Trading


Empire Discount Wholesale Toys is the source for the best prices on name brand wholesale toys. The ideal merchandise supplier for resellers, flea marketeers, non profits and retail stores. Popular licensed toys at up to 80% off retail price.

And Many More!

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Empire Discount Toys


The Welman Group is a wholesale jewelry distributor located in Bethesda, Maryland. We have been in business for over thirty years and specialize in two product lines: sterling silver jewelry and stainless steel jewelry. Our goal is to satisfy our customers by providing top quality products, diverse selection of styles, excellent prices, and great customer service. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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The Welman Group Silver Jewelry


BTB Wholesale offers the best glass pipes and other smoking accessories you'll find anywhere.

Our goal is to provide unmatched service at unbeatable prices to our customers. With the quickest shipping in the business on all orders, we have made many friends who swear by our service.

Check out our huge inventory of glass pipes, acrylic pipes, hookahs, water pipes, dugouts and much, much more. A cool collection sure to stock your smoke shop with inventory your customers are going to love.

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BTB Smoking products


Safety Technology gives you have access to over 500 non-lethal self defense products, such as stun guns, pepper spray, Tasers, personal alarms, diversion safes, survival gear, hidden cameras and surveillance systems at the best wholesale prices. You can sell these products on eBay, Amazon, your own website, or local market events, like flea markets and gun shows.

Using our pepper spray displays, you can set up a profitable vending route selling to beauty shops, locksmiths, convenience stores, sporting goods stores, hardware stores, gun shops, drug stores, gas stations, and gift shops. Best of all, the products can be drop shipped directly to your customers. That way you don't have to stock any products, if you don't want to.

We hold the Trademarks and are the manufacturer of Stun Master, Runt and Li'l Guy stun guns and Pepper Shot and Wildfire pepper sprays.

Visit Safety Technology

Safety Technology


Charlie's Chalk Dust makes the highest quality and most unusual flavors of E-liquid. Tremendous fruit flavor combos, exotic tastes like Rhino Ginger Brew and unique blends like King Bellman and Jam Rock. They really have to be tried to be believed.

Visit Charlie's Chalk Dust



Magnum Rubber Band Guns offers the world's finest line and largest selection of rubber band guns and other quality toys. All Magnum Rubber Band Guns are 100% American made using solid poplar hardwood.

We offer huge first time order discounts and displays.

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rubber band guns


Valley Supply is your go-to destination for exceptional novelty items and gifts. We provide outstanding products to retailers across the United States. From sunglasses and lighters to Ohio State souvenirs and NFL collectibles, we have it all.

We have been providing top-notch products to customers since 1981. All our items 100% guaranteed for sell through and quality.

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Valley Supply


We have the largest selection of the latest styles and trends in the Hiphop Jewelry business. We offer a broad range of items including but not limited to grillz, LCD & LED Dogtags and belt buckles, pendants, bracelets, chains, watches, belt buckles, rings and more! while others only offer a small selection of wholesale hip hop products.

The Hip Hop Jewelry Wholesale Advantage All products are open stock Low Minimum Orders Over 3000 Hip Hop Jewelry products offered Volume Discounts please call or email We don't offer just products. We offer a business opportunity.

Visit Hip Hop Jewelry

Hip Hop Jewelry


Wholesale Goodz specialize in hats, scarves, socks, pet supplies, household goods, tools and more. We offer quality products at affordable, wholesale prices. Wholesale Goodz carries a wide-variety of products that are perfect for kiosks, convenience stores, flea markets and dollar stores.

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Wholesale Goodz

TM Ward

T.M. Ward Coffee is proud to be the fourth generation of Sommers at Ward Coffee,with over a 145 years of experience and still in the heart of Newark. We are carrying on the family tradition with the same motto: Great coffee at a fair price, along with all of our other products we have to offer.

The knowledge, craftmanship and love for coffee can be tasted in every cup of Ward Coffee.

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T.M. Ward Coffee


Specktra is a nutraceutical company specialized in developing CBD formulas for targeted health benefits. Our formulas combine full-spectrum CBD rich hemp extract and a well-researched balance of organic essential oils, terpenes, and phytocannabinoids for maximum therapeutic relief and an incredible taste! We are home to the best pain relief CBD patch in the world.

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Spectra Wellness Products


The Music Connection offers terrific prices on CDs in a wide variety of genres to match just about any taste in music.

We Offer:
Rock 'n Roll and Country
Jazz, The Blues, Rap and Latin
As well as Bluegrass, Gospel, Children's & Holiday Music!

Visit The Music Connection

The Music Connection


Bargain Max, Inc. we specialize in closeout general merchandise at the lowest prices. Why so low? Because we take possession of the goods and maintain our own warehouses.

Visit Bargain Max, Inc.

Bargain Max, Inc.


We are your ONE-STOP Solution when it comes to stocking & restocking seasonal inventory. We provide Low/NO Minimum Order Counts with an Easy, Hassle Free, Secure shopping Experience for our customers. We offer National Shipping Discounts & FREE Local Deliveries. Please visit us today to learn more about our Strategic Partnership Program and how we can assist in GROWING your business. We are here to help!

Enhancing the Tourist Experience since 1982

Visit Wholesale Resort Accessories

Wholesale Resort Accessories


Honey's Place is a wholesale distributor of adult toys and romance products, ranging from lingerie to party supplies

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Honey's Place


CHAMPS Trade Shows prides itself on our amazing buyers and vendors. Artists, inventors, and entrepreneurs from around the world keep coming back year after year, helping us to grow into the largest counter culture trade show in the world. Make sure you don't miss out on this incredible event!

Visit Champs Trade Shows

Champs trade shows

black ball logo.jpg

Black Ball Corp. has grown over the years and has developed into one of the most reliable poster, novelty and smoking accessory companies in the industry. We are family owned and operated so we understand the importance of great relationships with great customers! We strive to provide prompt shipping, quality products at affordable pricing, and the best customer service in the industry!

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Black Ball Corp


Dazzling the jewelry industry since 1987, Deluxe Fashion Accents Inc. is proud to provide our retailers with unique jewelry styles that combine quality and value for an integrative shopping experience. Our ability to bring you international haute couture is based on 29 years of experience in jewelry manufacturing and merchandising around the world.

You will find the perfect piece for every occasion with our full line of Sterling Silver CZ Jewelry. Our extensive selection provides retailers with a stunning array of choices in a variety of price ranges.

Visit Dlux Jewels

Dlux Jewels


Bling Master has been providing luxurious jewelry items in the market for the past 15 years now. Our 30 years combined experience in the retail and wholesale jewelry market put us at the most prominent and popular professional position in the jewelry market.

We strive for inspiring you with our delicately made luxurious but affordable jewelry items. We believe in originality and innovation. Our dedicated and creative jewelry designers are always working hard to meet customers’ expectations and striving for maintain excellence and merit in jewelry crafting.

Visit Bling Master

Bling Master Watches

KOOL Products logo.jpg

KOOL Products produces goods mainly in the field of gas cans, replacement spout kits & accessories. It boasts of high quality, durability, offering, pleasure of handling and using safe, reliable, durable and quality products to customers who face trouble to have a better one than what available in the market place. Kool Products spout kits are super flexible and allows fuel to be transferred from the canister to the fuel tank without spills by making it easy to bend the spout to reach any angle.

Visit KOOL Products

KOOL Products


MosquitNo USA is an award-winning brand, winning the cosmetic award in Paris, the innovation award in the Netherlands and more importantly one of our active ingredients, Saltidin®, is recommended by the World Health Organization as a DEET substitute because it has been proven to be more effective than DEET and 100% non-toxic!

Visit MosquitNo USA

MosquitNo USA

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