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Database Emailer Database Emailer have been in the email business for 15 years, have 17 patents filed and are the largest opt-in email database in the United States.

Bob Hartmann of Database Emailer offers his expert opinion on the Email Services industry.

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  1. GetThatWholesale: Would you provide a description of your email service and how it works?

    Bob Hartmann: At our Data Base Emailer web site at Wholesale2U-DBE.com , you will find simple step-by-step instructions on how to do a free targeted query to find exactly who, where and how many records are available in your selected target, from a full line of options.

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  3. GTW: Is their any danger of a users email being tagged as a spammer?

    BH: By using our service, there is No Risk of you being targeted for spam.

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  5. GTW: Small Business people who use bulk email services sometimes complain of outdated email lists full of bad addresses. How does your service protect users from this problem?

    BH: DBE provides high quality data and email lists and Wholesale 2U provides their full service, 100 % spam free, no risk, highly targeted, volume direct email advertising. We will replace all bounces, giving you 100 % email delivery.

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  7. GTW: Could you provide a brief list of the types of businesses most likely to benefit from your bulk email service?

    BH: Real estate agents, sale people of all types, retail stores, home based businesses, and many others.

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